Readings Available

Flower Therapy Oracle ~ Nature's Whispers Oracle ~ Sacred Earth Oracle ~ Angels and Ancestors Oracle ~ Angel Tarot ~ Oracle of the Dream time ~ Healing with the Fairies ~ Energy Oracle Cards

You will be emailed a PDF including an image of your reading. The reading will be emailed to you normally 48 hrs after your reading slot. All readings are booked via my Facebook Page - please click Book a Reading button to be taken to the appointments page.

All readings ~ £25.00

General Reading

You may just want to get an overview of your life at the moment and want to know what your angels and guides wish you to become aware of.

You don't need to have a specific question in mind but can ask a question if you have one.

Issues may come to light that perhaps you were unaware of and you will also get a clearer view of what energies are currently around you and how you may creatively work with them to enjoy more happiness in your daily life.

Soul Guidance Reading

A reflective life path reading, connecting you with your soul energy. I will give you guidance on your current life lessons and how to connect more easily with your Higher Self for greater flow and ease in your life.

Choices can be made more easily and your path ahead will seem clearer than before.

Roseheart Relationship Reading

You may want to assess your current relationship, see where it can be improved and what challenges you face together.

What do you both really feel about each other and what particular strengths do you each bring to your partnership?

What lessons can be learnt from your relationship and how can you best grow in love together?

Rainbow Serpent Chakra Healing

This reading will take a look at your chakra system, identify imbalances and help you to understand how to clear and re-energise your subtle bodies.

Each chakra reflects an aspect of your consciousness that can affect your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Find out which areas of your life might need a new focus, adjustment or detox.