New Clients

If you are trying one of my therapies for the first time, or if you have any questions you would like to ask before booking, I offer a free consultation over the phone.

There is also a short consult before each treatment begins, to assess your current health and establish your exact requirements and set intentions for the session.

New clients are asked to complete a general health questionnaire prior to treatments, which can be emailed to you for you to print out and complete at home in advance of your session or filled out on the day as you wish. It is part of my care to you as a client that I have as full a picture of your current health as possible in order to give you the best and most effective, safe treatment. All details taken are treated as strictly confidential and will not be shared with any third party unless required by law. For further details in line with current GDPR policy, please see my Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions, please do give me a call, send an enquiry via email to or fill out the enquiry form.

Booking/Cancellation Policy

Please note that at least 48 hours notice is required for change/cancellation of a booking. Bookings can be made from one to 28 days in advance only. Payment must be made in full on the day of your appointment for any treatments received by you, either by cash or cheque payment. If you do not cancel or change your booking in time, I reserve the right to make a discretionary charge for the missed appointment. I also reserve the right to discontinue treatments or to not offer treatments sessions when requested.