Relaxing, gentle, healing therapies, inspired by

the beauty and spirits of flowers

A safe and comfortable place to unwind, release your stresses and improve your well-being and happiness. The therapies I practice will support you on an energetic level, so if you are tired and feeling like you need some time for yourself, I can offer you therapies that will ease your mind, relax your body and enliven your spirit.

I specialise in helping women take care of themselves, when they are perhaps feeling least able to, and empowering them in their lives. I have a number of therapies that you can choose from which address different aspects of your well-being. Reiki and my love of roses and flowers is at the heart of my healing service, to support you for as long as you need.

Treatment sessions take place in Woodbridge, at the Natural Health Centre in The Thoroughfare.

Tel: 07724 598188

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For an insight into what it means to me to be a reiki practitioner, see my Reiki Flowers blog post here

I occasionally attend events around Suffolk area, so please do come and say hello and try one of my taster treatments. I also teach reiki either 1:1 or in small groups.

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A Roseheart Reiki session will help you to relax generally but can also bring improvement to physical aches and pains, emotional highs and lows and mental overload. The Reiki Drum Therapy alternative to a standard reiki session includes the use of a shamanic drum and can offer a new way to approach your healing, helping you shift blocked energy and take you on a journey to your highest and wisest self.

My Lotus Blossom Indian Head Massage is really effective at releasing any tension in your neck and shoulders which can come from using a computer for prolonged periods or from overwork and emotional stress.

The Lotus Blossom Drum treatments are an even deeper and more effective stress buster, including some shamanic drumming and breath work. Great for helping to relieve symptoms of IBS and generalised anxiety.

The Flower Power treatment combines both of these therapies, which is a shorter version of the head massage plus 25-30 minutes of reiki within the hour session.

Flower Power Drum is a slightly longer session, including drumming and breathwork with the head massage, plus a longer session of reiki at the end to integrate the effects of the head massage and leave you feeling super relaxed and rejuvenated.

Roseheart Oracles offer you a card reading service using a number of different decks but particularly featuring the Flower Therapy Oracle, Rose Alchemy Deck, Sacred Rebels Oracle and Angel Tarot. Just select your preferred reading type and I will send you your reading by email, with a photo of your reading included.

You can also add a short reading to either a Reiki session or Lotus Blossom Head Massage, see here for details.

I sometimes offer readings at events too, if you prefer an in-person consultation, or take a look at the Roseheart Oracles page for further information on the different types of reading available.

Tel: 07724 598188