About Me

Learning meditation was my first real entry into any form of healing, as I often suffered from low mood and wanted to help myself. A friend recommended a self help meditation course, which I followed carefully and it was a revelation. So from there I attended an energy healing introduction with the late Martin Brofman, who was incredibly inspiring and opened my eyes to the world of energy and healing. It was only by learning about energy healing and taking workshops around the subject, that I realised what being empathic really meant and how important it is to keep your energy clear. It explained a lot about experiences I had had in my life, where I had been feeling energies around me but back then, vegetarians were quirky hippies and psychics were reserved for the end of the pier side shows; there was no real cultural literacy around these sorts of subject. Many people are empathic (able to feel, to varying degrees, the energies around them) and we are, as human beings, complex energy generators! Life takes on a whole new meaning when you have this sort of awareness.

As I wanted to continue my studies in some kind of formal healer training, I searched around and was drawn to reiki. I had started to suffer from a niggling back problem and wanted to find something to help me. I was first attuned to Reiki in 2004 and have had two very different teachers who have both inspired me a great deal. In 2012 I decided to think about starting a therapy practice, which I did back in 2014 once I had moved to Suffolk from North London.

I believe that if everyone learnt how to use Reiki / spiritual healing, we would all be a great deal healthier and happier. I am continually amazed at the different ways that Reiki can help people and I have used it myself regularly since I became initiated into the system in 2004. So I have many years of experience with Reiki and can help you explore it's potential to help you with physical, mental/emotional or spiritual problems.

I feel very drawn to drumming and shamanic practice and I took my Reiki Drum Practitioner training in 2016; the drum is a powerful tool and I love using it in my practice now and I feel privileged to be able to share this with you. The drum has many therapeutic uses and has been used in indigenous cultures by shamans and healers for centuries. Many of us are out of balance with our own inner rhythms and I believe that drum healing can help address that, bringing a heart and earth based awareness back where it belongs.

Reiki is also a way to develop your innate psychic/intuitive potential and I have supported my own development by attending many courses at the College of Psychic Studies (aka London Hogwarts). I started using cards as a teenager, giving readings to friends using just standard playing cards. I really love seeing what card readings can bring up for each person, they can be really helpful and shed light on aspects of your life or personality traits that can trigger a new, more conscious awareness. of yourself and your life journey. I view readings from the perspective that they can advance your personal healing and can also help in some everyday matters, although I do not give readings that predict the future. We are creative beings and there are many different timelines we can follow, nothing is set in stone, so I do not believe that if a reader tells you a thing, it will necessarily come true! There are many potentials in my view and a reading is but a snapshot of your current energetic state and where that might take you.

I am of course, very inspired by my love of roses, flowers and the natural world. I felt a magnetic pull towards rose energies in 2012 when my idea for starting a therapy practice began to form. Roses have a particularly high vibration and work wonderfully in dealing with emotional health issues and relationship with self and others.

I am also a great supporter of animal rights and feel that humanity as a whole is starting to realise their ancient role as guardians to the planet and its creatures. The animal kingdom has much to teach us and it is my belief that only by viewing animals as beings equal to ourselves and not ones to control and dominate, that humanity will really start to heal on a collective level.

Dedicated to the healing of all hearts.

With warmest wishes and Reiki blessings

Lesley Sherlock