Endorsements and Testimonials

“I am proud to endorse Dave Rose for State Representative in House District 56. He has a long track record of public service to the community on issues ranging from education to transportation and energy and the environment. He is an accessible, down-to-earth problem solver and would be a great addition to the Colorado Legislature.” ~ Morgan Carroll, Colorado Democratic Party Chair

"Longtime Brighton resident, teacher, principal and RTD board member Dave Rose much better represents the needs and values of Colorado working families. Rose is far more adept at looking for compromise and civility at the Capitol....The state House needs Rose and more lawmakers like him."--The Aurora Sentinel Editorial Board

Additional Endorsements

Dave Rose is proud to be endorsed by the United Association Union of Plumbers, Fitters, Welders, & Service Techs and the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 7, as well as by the Colorado Education Association, the Colorado AFL-CIO, Colorado Voters for Animals, and the Sierra Club. Dave's campaign has also received the Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate distinction.


"Dave Rose, Candidate for H.D. 56, is highly qualified for this office and would be a quality State Representative if elected. He is highly experienced in group problem solving and has a strong understanding of the needs of the State and our District. I have known him as my children’s and grandchildren’s school Principal as well as through serving with him on several Boards and Commissions. As City Councilman for Brighton, he effectively represented us in the original DIA negotiations, and as Mayor, he improved coordination with the City by becoming the council representative on the Downtown Development Authority. In short, Dave sees needs and implements solutions. Please do your part and support Dave Rose for State Representative for H.D. 56."

~ Dick Hodge, Former Brighton City Council Member

"Dave has years of dedicated public service, in-depth knowledge of how government works, and truly has the best interests of our community at heart. He will be an effective legislator, at a time when the state is facing some serious fiscal challenges, he is the best person to address these challenges. He is also personable and approachable, and will listen to his constituents and work on their behalf."

~ Shane Paul, Local Musician and Motorcycle Enthusiast

"I’ve known Dave Rose, Democratic candidate for Colorado House District 56, since I moved to Brighton 15 years ago. He was one of the first to welcome me to my new hometown. Over the years we’ve discussed practically every social and political issue facing the country. While we have not always agreed on every point and possible solution, we have always challenged each other to look beyond the surface of any topic and examine the deeper ramifications. He is a learned and informed individual who will successfully apply his formidable skills and experience to the Colorado House.

But there is secondary, yet equally important, reason for me to endorse Dave Rose. As a Democrat, he represents the remedy to the autocratic assault on our nation’s Constitutional way of life by Donald Trump and the modern Republican Party.

I’m registered as an unaffiliated voter. As such, I’ve tended to stay out of the political campaigns of either major party, preferring to gauge the merits of candidates and issues on my own research and conclusions. This year is different. In Trump’s first 18 months in office we have seen the GOP retreat from time-honored American principles to support and follow a narcissistic autocrat who has vilified and trampled federal institutions in a naked bid to seize the kind of power petty dictators wield. Unless we elect Democrats to federal and state seats, that power grab will continue unchallenged.

I urge fellow unaffiliated voters to join ranks with Democrats this November and vote a straight Democratic ticket on federal, state and local to create an effective check-and-balance to Trump’s overreach. In the process, you’ll be electing a highly qualified candidate to Colorado House District 56."

~ David G. Ronquillo, Retired Journalist/Columnist