EDUCATION FUNDING: Colorado K – 12 public schools are currently underfunded by more than $800 million. As a former teacher and school principal, I will make it my top priority to boost school funding in an effort to decrease class sizes, provide better resources to students, and bring teacher pay and per-pupil expenditures closer to the national average.

TRANSPORTATION: A lot of people in my district will benefit from the completion of the North Metro Rail Line (N Line). I will work hard to overcome delays and ensure that the N Line is constructed up to Highway 7 along I-25 as originally designed. I will also continue my efforts to make the Front Range Airport (near Watkins, CO) a Spaceport site, promoting new high-tech jobs and opportunities for economic development.

SUBSIDIZED CHILDCARE: Dual-income families are often faced with tough decisions about how to provide care for their children while parents and guardians are at work. I support quality licensed childcare options for all citizens, regardless of financial status, and I will work to develop ways to subsidize the high costs of childcare for hard-working families.

GUN SAFETY: No one wants to take your guns away. But gun ownership comes with a responsibility to ensure safety for all. I support "red flag" laws that protect our citizens by temporarily restricting gun access for individuals who represent a danger to themselves or others. Of course, I also support due process, and I will work closely with law enforcement to ensure that such laws are applied fairly and consistently.

LIVING WAGE JOBS: The Colorado minimum wage, while higher than the national minimum wage, falls far short of being a living wage. Working families in House District 56 deserve dignity and respect for their hard work. Therefore, I will do all I can to raise wages, promote economic development, attract well-paying jobs to our area, and ensure that no working family has to live in poverty.

SENSIBLE ENERGY POLICIES: As you know, the oil and gas industry is vital to Colorado's economy. It provides jobs and contributes significantly to our growing economy. But we need to enact local legislation that protects citizens--particularly children--from any potentially harmful side effects of fracking and drilling. Therefore, I support sensible precautions such as buffer zones between schools and drilling operations. I also support research and development of renewable sources of energy, such as wind and solar power.

AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE: As State Representative, I will work hard to protect Medicaid and Medicare, to lower prescription drug prices, and to standardize medical costs for all Coloradans. I will fight for more transparency and less bureaucracy so that our citizens can afford the medical care they need to live their best lives.

“I think we deserve better representation to protect and promote policies that improve the quality of life for all HD 56 citizens,” ~ Dave Rose, candidate for State Representative, House District 56.