50th Anniversary Celebration

We partner with other local businesses and organizations, with their support we are able to have most of our events and outreach programs for free - benefiting many Roseau and area residents. The few that aren't free, we strive to have at only a minimal cost. We are also interested in bettering ourselves and having fun by having speakers attend our meetings on occasion, challenging ourselves to improve our communication skills and to discover new talents, as well as plan social events!

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The Story of the Roseau Women of Today/Jaycees

Compiled by Mary Bergland - January 1997 , updated July 2019

Fall 1949 – the first Minnesota Mrs. Jaycees chapter was formed

1968-69 - The first Roseau Mrs. Jaycees chapter was formed. Your husband had to be a member of the Jaycee chapter in order for the wife to join the Mrs. Jaycee chapter.

May 1979 – Name change occurred so that any female, single, married, divorcée from the age of 18 to 40 could join. The name was now Jaycee Women.

July 1, 1985 – A name change occurred again because of a Supreme Court ruling that stated we must accept men into the organization. We disagreed and changed our name to MN Women of Today. The state president at the time of this name change was Susan Schuler of Grygla/Gatzke chapter.

2009 - Changed from four quarters to a trimester system.

Annual Convention 2014 - The membership passed a motion for a bylaw change requiring a chapter to have a minimum of 10 members, with a minimum of 5 under the age of 40.

2015-16 - For the first time in the 66 year history of the Minnesota Women of Today, the bylaw requiring a specific number of members under the age of 40 was defeated.

2019 – Today the Roseau Chapter remains solid and strong with 20 members on our roster.