Rosa Li, PhD

I am a cognitive neuroscientist who studies the development and neural basis of decision-making.

I received my PhD in Psychology and Neuroscience from Duke University, along with a Certificate in Cognitive Neuroscience and a Certificate in College Teaching, in May 2017. My dissertation was titled, "Decision-making across development: The impact of ambiguity and social context".

I am currently a postdoctoral associate with the Duke Institute for Brain Science (DIBS) and D-CIDES (Duke Center for Interdisciplinary Decision Science), where I teach courses for Duke's Undergraduate Certificate in Decision Science and conduct research on the development of decision-making (including in collaboration with Rita Svetlova's Empathy Development Lab).

My research uses behavioral, eye-tracking, and neuroimaging methods to investigate how children, adolescents, and adults evaluate and make decisions when outcomes are uncertain and/or when peers are involved.

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