Live at the Scene

Live at the Scene is an investigation in the most literal sense. When young TV reporter Cadence and her cameraman Drew are assigned to a disturbing kidnapping case near Sacramento, Cadence discovers she’s not content to sit back and trust in the small town cops. She launches her own investigation, and in the process, scrutinizes journalists’ complex roles as both voyeurs for the public, and trusted filters. And because one of the missing children has a troubled past she can’t help but identify with, she begins to examine her own history as well. The investigations feed off each other until both come to a tumultuous climax on the same night.

While Live at the Scene is dominated by the heavy themes of exploited innocence and morality in journalism, Cadence drives a lighter side of the novel too. We follow her neurotic daydreams, her interactions with her comical tortured-artist sister, and her struggle to connect with Drew.

The book was inspired by the haunting 2009 killing of Sandra Cantu in Tracy, California. I was working as a writer at KNTV at the time, marveling at how our reporters could spend all day soaking in the details of this case and then go on camera calm, collected, and dry-eyed. I still work at KNTV as a writer and producer. I have a master’s in creative writing from Saint Mary’s College of California, and my first book, a memoir, is due out from Ooligan Press in 2019. The 109,000-word manuscript of Live at the Scene is ready for review and I would love to send it to an agent with serious interest.