Creative Writing

The Memoir

At a time when her college peers are debating what to major in, going to parties, and working jobs they can quit without threat of prosecution, Rosa is a secret traitor. She is a conscientious objector stuck in a National Guard uniform during the War on Terror. When the call comes to ship out, she faces the biggest quandary of her life: Abandon some of the most caring and brave Americans she’s ever met, or follow her moral compass, no matter the consequences. This first-of-its kind memoir is about the struggle to do the right thing when right and wrong is not black and white. It's about forbidden romances, mind games, and the Army’s unnerving ability to function like a family. It’s a story about a girl who made a bad choice and had to stand up against a male-dominated apparatus so powerful it has its own laws. It’s about digging under those walls and coming out with something to say about the sanctity of youth and a freedom that is truly free. Breaking Cadence: One Woman's War Against the War is forthcoming from Ooligan Press in May of 2019.

Personal Essays and Fiction

Rosa's shorter work has been published in Cutbank, Grain, River Teeth, CALYX, Mission at 10th, Crack the Spine and Umbrella Factory. You can read some of her published work below, as well as the query letter for her novel, Live at the Scene, which she is seeking representation for.

Live at the Scene is an investigation in the most literal sense. When young TV reporter Cadence and her cameraman Drew are assigned to a disturbing kidnapping case near Sacramento, Cadence discovers she’s not content to sit back and trust in the small town cops. She launches her own investigation, and in the process, scrutinizes journalists’ complex roles as both voyeurs for the public, and trusted filters. And because one of the missing children has a troubled past she can’t help but identify with, she begins to examine her own history as well. The investigations feed off each other until both come to a tumultuous climax... [full letter here]

The Last Gas Chamber

The Script