Breaking Cadence: The Podcast

A Companion to Breaking Cadence The Book

Breaking Cadence: Insights From a Modern-Day Conscientious Objector acts as a supplement to my forthcoming memoir, Breaking Cadence: One Woman’s War Against the War. Season One explores truth in recruitment, joining the military while still legally a child, stigma, choice, transparency, war resistance from Vietnam to Iraq, legal options for soldiers looking to get out, and more. These episodes are “produced” in the vein of This American Life and Snap Judgment, offering a bit more than just monologues and interviews.

If you agree with me and think this issue needs a lot more light, please rate this podcast or write a short review! Subscribe and share! Hopefully the sentiments and information reach people in uniform struggling with similar issues, or friends and family of soldiers who need moral or legal support.

The podcast is free, and available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Alexa, and Buzzsprout. You can also listen to the episodes using the players below. For the most comprehensive experience, listen to them in order rather than hodge podge. For podcast junkies, here is the RSS feed info:

Episode One: The Deal

Episode Two: Different Decade, Same Problem

Episode Three: Habeas Corpus