After discovering a dusty guitar underneath her mother’s bed in high school, Rosa started to teach herself chords to the songs in her head. It’s not unusual her first songs emerged with a lonely, folky vibe. She lived in an Eastern Montana town so small it didn't even has a gas station. Some of those songs are featured on her first solo album, Eye of the Storm, which was recorded in a closet and nudged into the world with a great amount of trepidation.

Now a California girl and seasoned performer, Rosa enjoys playing any gig she can get, from bars and coffee shops to farmer's markets and wineries. In 2011 she co-founded the folkpop band Hunters with Will Decher and over the course of five years, released three albums. The most recent is We All Go Up the Mountain Alone Together, which features songs about life, love, PTSD, ghost towns and modern-day Minotaurs. Take a listen below:

In late 2015 Rosa took a break from Hunters to focus on her second solo album, Love Letters. It was recorded in a leaky room with a view of San Francisco Bay, as Rosa's first baby grew in her womb, forming limbs and synapses and eyes and ears. The songs are all love letters in some form or another, some literal, some metaphorical. One is inspired by a character from the show Orange is the New Black. Another explains how Rosa's daughter earned the name Itasca.

While all of Rosa's music is available to listen to for free, thanks to these streams, if you like what you hear, support her and buy a download! Pick your poison: iTunes or Bandcamp for band albums. Rosa's solo albums are also on iTunes and Bandcamp.

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