Rory Brown

Rory Brown is a food critic and blogger specializing in healthy diet and modern lifestyle choices. He began his career in Charleston, SC and his readership has gained momentum over the last 10 years. A sophisticated palate and a firm commitment to health has made Mr. Brown’s writing a staple of many health-oriented communities around the world.

After developing a loyal audience in the Southeastern United States, Mr. Brown moved to Kauai in 2011 where he eventually bought his second home. Seven years later, he splits his time evenly between Sydney, Kauai, Lake Como, and Charleston, delivering cutting-edge culinary journalism to communities all over the world.

Mr. Brown’s interest in healthy diet began early in high school, and his writing also focuses on the latest trends in health and diet. His research has led to ongoing studies into ancient culinary traditions regarding gut health, and he continues to provide his readership with tips on food that not only tastes good but also primes the body for a long and graceful life.

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