Teacher Shared Resources

7 Species of Sea Turtle- Each One Teach One

This activity was built to help students learn about the 7 species of sea turtles, while practicing presentation skills.

Find more detailed instructions on how to run the Each One Teach One Activity below.


SPAWN's Ecosystem Connection Cards

These were also built to be used for Each One Teach One as well as other outdoor activities and games. Students can hold cards up to their head and play questions, until they are able to guess what species they are holding. These cards could also be used to initiate a class field guide documenting and learning about all of the species you encounter through the year.

Let us know how you use these resources so we can share your ideas with other teachers!


Highly Migratory Species Series

Nancy Morita took the SPAWN ecosystem connection cards to another level with this series of highly migratory species cards. You can download and print these to have your own complete set!

I Notice, I Wonder, It Reminds me of.....

Lawrence Hall of Science Beetles training for field instructors.


Chinese Immigrants and Nature in the Bay Area

Check out our newest shared resource from Yi-Chuan Luk an educator at Nature Bridge. Yi-Chuan participated in SPAWN's California Naturalist Certification for educators and developed this resource as his capstone project. He was very interested in developing a shareable resource that showed the cultural connection chinese immigrants in the bay area had with the natural world. This activity was built to be used in the format of Each-one Teach-one. Instructions and background are found in the document below.

china shrimpers.pdf
Chinese Shrimpers_Lesson.docx

Bilingual Bird Guide

Jeff Caplan is the Director of the Common Language Program (http://www.commonlanguageprogram.org/) and has been teaching at schools from Oakland to Santa Cruz. After attending SPAWN's 8 day California Naturalist Certification Intensive, Jeff was inspired to pinpoint his capstone project efforts on developing a bilingual guide to the birds along the river that divides his city center. You could adapt this species guide for many wetland areas throughout the San Francisco bay area. You can download the pdf below , or you could join our community of naturalists connected through the inaturalist app and act as a citizen science by collecting observable data on these species when you see them in the wild. Find Jeff's guide and more information about inaturalist here: https://www.inaturalist.org/guides/5900


Nature Loteria

Customize this game to connect participants with a wide range of topics and content while having fun!

Nature Loteria (1).docx

Junior Ranger Activity Book for Tomales Bay State Park

Developed and Customized by our UC California Naturalist Trainees for our Celebrate the Coast Event- Saturday September 23rd 2017