Video Production

Finals for Seniors: Password in class. Part B

Video- Grades are updated ALL but 5/6 | Warmups due 5/5 (on roomf10)

Continue working on Ex 20 Rough Cut of Music Video, Ex 21 Film Critique, Ex 22 Demo Reel, or Ex 23 Final Video Project (free choice, soap opera, or infomercial)

Link to Video Production

QUARTER FOUR: Click here for files

Ex 13 Final Cut Cooking Video

Ex 14 Cooking Video Peer Critiques

Ex 15 Raw Footage of Music Video (due 4/3)

Ex 16 Music Video Directions and Treatment

Ex 17 Music Video Script

Ex 18 Music Video Shot List

Ex 19 Music Video Storyboard

Ex 20 Music Video Rough Cut

Ex 21 Film Critique - Writing a film review of famous academy award films

Ex 22 Demo Reel: Editing a reel to create a high quality demo reel

ex 23 Final Video Project: use this years techniques to create 5 min video

Files for This Week & Agenda for this Week

As they are finished, turn them in to dropittome like you always do. Assignments are in Files for the week below.

Warmups for S2 here:

Previous exercises:


ex1a: Digital Art Video Production 10 Things you did over Winter Break

ex 2: Work on Personal Video This is from Semester 1, please keep on working on it

ex 3a,b,c: The Setup, Maze, Feeling (3 Act Silent) Instructions and Details Here. May work in small groups up to 3.

ex 4: Storyboarding What, why, how- Storyboards

ex 5: Silent Movies Watch the first Narrative films here- Silent Films to Review

ex6A: Raw footage of your Silent Film

ex6B: Final Cut submit final project and critique

ex6C: Silent Movie Critique Form (Self Critique)

ex 7: Reviewing other student's silent film projects respectfully

ex8: Cooking Video or Other How To- Please create a video teaching classmates how to do something


ex8: OPTIONAL 3D Video Take 2- making 3D videos again (THIS IS NOT REQUIRED)

ex9: Cooking Video Script- 2 column shooting script

ex10: Storyboard for Cooking Video

ex11: Careers in Video Production- create a document detailing careers in video

ex12: Raw footage for your cooking video


Ex 11 Brainstorming for your 3d Video Link here. Due 10/14 (Ex 11 A and Ex 11B only)

Ex 11 C-D (Script, Shooting Locations, Storyboard of your 3d Film) Due 10/17

Ex 12 Watching your neighbor's effects videos (This will open in a google form. A @seq address is required). Due 10/19

Ex 13 Watch Good 3d Videos from Last Year's project. Ex 13 Directions from the 360 Challenge- 2016 Flavor Due 10/21

Ex 14 3d Video Survey Must take by this Friday! Due 10/21

Ex 15 Write about your 3d film idea here. One person per group Due 10/21

Ex 16A Ex 16A Developing your Concept Your 3d Film Idea. Both Classes will choose one idea to pitch to the community and I will choose 1 idea to pitch, for a total of three classes. Directions on the pitch process is here.

Ex 16B Feedback from VR Mentor

Ex 16C 3d Video Mentor Feedback


Ex 17 Watch at least 5 VR films/events and choose your favorite two. Write one paragraph about each experience. Why did you enjoy the experience? Any surprises? How are you going to incorporate what you learned into your own VR project? Include a screen shot and write where to get access to the video(url).

Ex 18 Write about your VR experience so far up to this point. Include a minimum of 10 sentences.

Focus on both the technical aspects and the creative aspects.

Ex 19 Rough Cut (3d film story brought into Final cut and starting to edit for content, figure out what is needed and what you have)

Ex 20: 12 Shots in Video. Directions here

Within App here

Quarter One Click here for additional info


EX0: Icebreaker Intro Film Critique (in class)

EX1: Procedure Syllabus Notes (in class)

EX2: Video Production

EX3: History of Film

Ex 4: Final Cut Basics

Ex 5: Film History Video

Ex 6: Camera Shots in Film

Ex 7 Notes from Film History Videos

Ex 8 Effects Video (Video example below)

Ex 9 Me in a minute or two Video (Postponed until Q2)

Ex 10 Intro to VR Film Making (Due 10/14)

How to shoot 3d Video with the Theta 3d

Credits for Silent Movie

Title of your film


Producer Mr. Sheridan

Music Credits- or Incompetech (or whomever)

Special Thanks- Whomever you would like

Carlmont High School

Finished February 2017

Here is the post 360 Video Survey: Please take a few minutes to turn it in. These must be turned in by today, so complete this at the end of class if you have time.

Final for Part A- secret password revealed in class

Final for Part B- On Paper if you have your footage, on school loop if you don't

Before you export, make sure to choose File> Sharing > Master File > Settings. Then change Video and Audio to Computer. That will make the file an MP4. Lastly, make sure to include _360 in your files name, that way the Gear VR will know it's a 3d Video. Also include the artist statement as a word doc and photos of your signed releases for everyone that appears on camera.

Artist Statement: Each piece of media should be accompanied by an "Artist Statement" written by the student(s) who made it and describing what the video is about, what motivated the artist(s) to make it, and what impact they hope it will have. (300 word maximum).

For your film's credits, use the following format:

Title of your film


Producer Mr. Sheridan

Music Credits- or Incompetech

Special Thanks

Digital Promise


Carlmont High School

Finished December 2016