The district has set up a page with additional information about Canvas at

Basically, Canvas is similar to Google Classroom and many colleges are using Canvas these days for assignments, syllabi, and interacting with both other students and your instructors.

We're going to experiment with turning in assignments using Canvas. I've made a new assignment called Canvas Test that has students upload any file. This will allow students to practice naming the files, uploading the files, and getting feedback from your instructors.

To use Canvas, you log in here:

You use your username from, which typically is your 6 digit student id. Your password is your initials followed by your birthday in 6 digits.

After you sign in, choose your courses from the list and select your digital class (either Photo or Art). Next click assignments and make sure your assignment is named correctly. The assignment should be named "Per_Exercise_LastName.doc" and submit using Canvas. Canvas will ask you what file you want to upload, so chose the right file and click upload.

Let me know if you have any trouble through email.


Mr Sheridan