Room F10

Welcome to Room F10- Mr Sheridan's One Stop Shopping for all of your digital art needs. Below has news for all classes, if you are interested in a specific class, please click the links on the top of the page.


Mr S

Agenda this Week 0227-303

Agenda for 3/20-3/24

Continue working on your exercises. Warmups due this Friday. Quarter Ends this Friday. Grades updated: All but 5th/6th period only.

If you checked out equipment, wait until I get back tomorrow to turn it in.

Digital Arts- Finish up your design Work by this Friday, new Exercises next week

Photo- 2 New exercises posted here.

Video- Continue working on Music Preproduction, focusing on Treatment, Script, and Storyboard.

Holly- please update the agenda and links on the website


This week in Room F10:

Each classes web page is updated with current assignments.

If you're curious about learning Maya or 3d modeling software, take a look at this is a great channel from Menlo Atherton's John Giambruno.


For turning in work there are two options: either the Google Crit form here or password carlmont16 for turning in work this year since the server isn't running. The limitation is it can only take 100 megs of files at once, but, that should be fine for everything but the film projects.

Mr S