Ex 14 Local Edits Photo

Ex 14 has students explore local edits in Photoshop, one of the most popular ways that Photoshop is used.

Files for Exercise 14. Click here to download files. Put zip on your desktop, and open to uncompress.

Basic Critique after you have finished the project. Write at least two complete sentences for the +, -, and =. Six sentences total. You may save as a word doc.

+ What did you like about this project (2 sentences or more)

  • What did you dislike or think could be improved? (2 sentences or more)

= What is your takeaway from the project (what did you learn) (2 sentences or more)

Ex 14 has several parts

Ex 14a an overview of the Local Edit process. We will do the Chair demo together as a class.

Ex 14b explains some of the selection options and how to use mask, wand, brush

Ex 14c Demo Red Chair together in class (file included)

Ex 14d Demo 6 different techniques (files included as 14E zip)