Ex 13 Bug's Eye/ Bird's Eye Photo

Ex 13 has students think about vantage point and take the same picture from two different vantages- that of a bug and that of a bird.

Students take a total of 6 pictures in pairs. Several examples are included in the directions. The cheat sheet is available in class and also as a download in the next box.

Students do a brief write up about how the viewpoint changes the subject, have they ever included viewpoint in their own images before now? Write about it. Also remember to include either Global or Local Photoshop Edits in your photographs to make them look as good as possible. Crop anything distracting, play around with the colors- hue/sat, levels, and curves to make your images look amazing!

Ex 13 Bugs Eye Birds Eye View photo s1.pdf
Ex 13 Cheat sheet photo bugs birds eye.pdf