Digital Photo 2017

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Mr Sheridan

Agenda for 2/12-2/16

Digital Photo. New Warmups here.

New Exercise for both classes- if you are done with your current exercises, take a look at

Ex 3 History of Photography (learn about Photography, from the beginning to current day). 20 points

Ex 4 Lynda Tutorial (recreate a technique that you are interested and passionate about. 30 points

Ex 5 Portraits (Self Portraits in Lighting Studio)

Ex 6 Abstract Portraits (Exploring Powerful Filter Effects in Photoshop.

Agenda for this week 1/29-2/2.

Grades are updated for first period only

New Warmups for Photo here

Continue working on Exercises

Welcome Back! I hope you had a wonderful Winter Break and are ready to begin a new semester. Schedule- Next Monday, no school.

Quarter Three Photography

Warmups and Ex 0 Ten Things Over Winter. Make sure you complete the critique form for Ex 0. 30 points

Ex 1 Photomerge (either touch up your photomerge from last semester and make it better, or make a new one). 30 points

Ex 2 Tessellation (make some new tessellations from new photos). 30 points.

Ex 3 History of Photography (learn about Photography, from the beginning to current day). 20 points

Ex 4 Lynda Tutorial (recreate a technique that you are interested and passionate about. 30 points

Ex 5 Portraits in Photo Studio. Students work in pairs in the Photostudio and create memorable self portraits.

Ex 6 Abstract Self Portrait directions here. Students create an Abstract Self Portrait in Photoshop exploring Filter Effects.

Basic Critique after you have finished the project. Write at least two complete sentences for the +, -, and =. Six sentences total. You may save as a word doc.

+ What did you like about this project (2 sentences or more)

  • What did you dislike or think could be improved? (2 sentences or more)

= What is your takeaway from the project (what did you learn) (2 sentences or more)

Notes for Final

Ex 19 is being pushed back until next semester, otherwise can be turned in for double credit (this semester and next semester). Ex 17 and under is due at Midnight on Friday. Ex 18 (rough draft) is due on Monday at Midnight

Concepts/Vocabulary Terms

Camera Terms

F stops- difference from f4.5 to f22

Explain Depth of Field

Shutter Speed difference between Bulb and 1/5000 of an Image

Light Meter

Exposure- Aperture, ISO, Shutter speed

Photoshop Terms


Duplicating a layer shortcut command+J

Advantages / Disadvantage of Photoshop



Channel Mixer

Tracing an Image


Naming assignments for turning in, zipping if more than one file- Per_Ex#_LastName

Save your 5 best pictures ordered from best to fifth best. Double check you have them for getting assignments and turning them in

New Warmups 120817- Click Here.

Or copy and paste into browser:

New WARMUPS 7 DUE 11/22. Click here to download, must be signed into google drive for access.

New Warmups here. Warmups due 11/03. Assembly Schedule this week- Thursday October 26 and block schedule next Wednesday/Thursday (November 1/2) because of testing

NEW WARMUPS HERE. Warmups due 10/20.


New Warmups- Warmups #3 available here. These warmups are due 10/06, no exceptions unless you are not present.

warmups photo 1006.docx

New Warmups- Warmups #2 are available here. These warmups are due 9/22, no exceptions unless you are not present.

New Warmups are available here. They are due on 9/8. Save them to your desktop so you can answer them daily.


If you are caught up with everything or are waiting for the class to catch up to you, you can work on a future exercise, exercise 5 Lynda Tutorial. Click here for more information

To use Canvas, you log in here:

You use your username from, which typically is your 6 digit student id. Your password is your initials followed by your birthday in 6 digits.

After you sign in, choose your courses from the list and select your digital class. Next click assignments and make sure your assignment is named correctly. The assignment should be named "Per_Exercise_LastName.doc" and submit using Canvas. Let me know if you have any trouble through email.

If you have additional questions, I've created a page on using Canvas here

The Tentative schedule this week is:

Monday (special schedule for Eclipse) Start Critique and/or Go over Rules and Procedures

Tuesday/Wed Finish up Critiquing Photos (Exercise 2) and Camera Introduction from Mrs Hodges

Thu/Friday Introduction to Photoshop (Exercise 3)

Next Week Introduce and work on Element Packet (Exercise 4) in class

Next Week Ex 5 Lynda Tutorial (if necessary, directions here)

Ex 3 demo Step by step photo.pdf

Welcome Back!

Agenda for first week

Tuesday- Introduction to Classes, tour of building, explanation of tardy policy (signing in at tardy board)


Ex 0- Index Card Name Plate Design- Directions in class

Ex 1- Digital Photo Survey

Friday: Learning about the rule of thirds by going to this website and then getting started on Ex 2 Critiquing Photos Below. Save this to your own computer and then download the document. You may need to be logged in to your account for this document to be visible.

For now just save the document to either google cloud, your google email, or a flash drive. Since you don't have assigned seats, you might switch computers the next class. I am going to trouble shoot getting Canvas set up this weekend and make sure we can use it for turning in assignments. Thanks for being patient.



EX 1- Tomorrow 1/26/18 and Warmups 1/26/18

Ex 2- 1/30/18 (Next Tuesday)

Ex 3 2/2/18 (Next Friday)

Ex 4 2/6/18 (Tuesday)

Ex 5 Directions Here