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Photo- Current Exercises. Grades are updated ALL but 5 /6 | Warmups due 5/5 (on roomf10)

Ex 6 Landscapes Unedited Photos by 3/28- Edited by 4/3

Ex 7 Hybrid Animal Due by 03/29

Ex 8 Motion Unedited Photos by 4/3-

Ex 9 Kaleidoscope due by 4/7

Ex 10 Texture

Ex 11 Spellcaster

Ex 12 Final Photographer Research Project

Continue working on your assignments. Link to Photography Exercises

If you checked out equipment, wait until Monday to turn it in.

Files for this week & Agenda for this Week

ex 10 Texture: Practicing this technique in photography

ex11 Spellcaster: Using photoshop techniques to create photo with person casting spell

ex12 Final photo project: Create a detailed presentation of past photographers

Warmups S2 here


ex1 Photo S2 photomontage, collage, or animation of 10 things you did over winter break

ex2 Photomerge or Abstract Images Photomerge or Abstract Images from Q2. Directions and examples enclosed.

ex3 Restore Images Basics of Repairing Images through Adobe CS5

ex4: portraits, taking pictures with three parts(a,b,c) here

ex 4: Taking Portraits. ex4: portraits, taking pictures with three parts(a,b,c) here Advice for Portraits. For this project, take 10 pictures, edit the top 4, but edit the best 1 or 2 the most. For editing I would focus on Curves, Levels, and Hue/Sat.

ex5: Taking Abstract Grid Portraits: Instructions and video

ex6: Landscapes - Using your camera to take a new style of photography

ex7: Hybrid Creature- Making an animal creature through editing

Ex 8: Motion- Capturing motion in Photography

Ex 9 Tessellation- Making a kaleidoscope image from one of your images that have interesting color and texture

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EX0: Index Card

EX1: Procedure Syllabus Notes (presented in class)

EX2: Looking at Photos Due August

EX3: Element Packet (Handed out in class) Due September

EX4: Camera Basics Due September

EX5: Camera Basics Part 2 Due September

EX6: Photoshop Basics (Demo'd in Class about how to use Photoshop) Due September

Ex 7 Depth of Field Due 10/6

Ex 8 History of Photography Due 10/8

Ex 9 Elements of Art (Your Photos) Due 10/12

Ex 10 Photoshop Global Edits Due 10/14


Ex 11a What makes a strong photo. Due 10/21

Ex 11b Principles of Design. Due 10/21

Ex 12 Bug's Eye, Bird's Eye. Due 10/25

Ex 13 Local Photoshop Edits Due 10/28

Ex 14 Trash as Art Due November

Ex 15 Tutorial Due November

Ex 16 Duck Crazy Due December

Ex 17 Photomerge or Abstract Images Due December

Digital Arts Assessment form here:

Here is a link to the Study Guide Notes that we went over class today for all classes. Note- you must be logged into your seq account to view. Link here