Digital Arts

DIGITAL ARTS Continue working on your exercises.

Grades are updated ALL but 5/6 | Warmups due 5/5 (on roomf10)

Q4 Exercises

Ex 9 Choose a Unity Tutorial from Ex 9: Unity Tutorial of your Choice from Unity (less than 10 steps)

Ex 10 -Choose a Unity Tutorial from (10 steps or more) . One option: Unity Space Shooter. Create a brand new game in Unity. Learn about publishing for multiple platforms.

Ex 11 Free Choice Unity Game (as few or as many steps as you want)

Link to Digital Art Exercises

Warmups S2 HERE:

I have created two new pages- One on posting images using imgur here and another on the basics of Maya here.

What is a Game Developer? Check out this webpage

Need extra help for your Career Website, ex 6? Click here.

Agenda for 3/27-3/30 No school on 3/31

Continue working on your exercises. Warmups due next Friday. New Quarter starts 3/27

Grades updated for all classes.

Digital Arts- Finish up your design Work by next Monday 4/3 (after that, half credit)

Files for the Week & Agenda for this Week

ex7: Intro to Unity: Learn how to game design and the process

ex8: Continuing with Unity - Review the main topics and practice objectives to improve skills

Warmups S2 HERE:

Digital Arts Assessment form here:

Archived Work:

For all files and directions: Click here for Lessons for Digital Arts.


ex 1a: Digital Art Video Production 10 Things you did over Winter Break

ex 1b: Intro to Code Using coding through Code Academy

ex 1c: Google Search Activity Google Search help

ex 1d: Overview of design-Good and Bad Websites

ex 1e: Developing a Website Evaluation tool- A how to guide


ex2&3: Paper Rubric & Rating Websites, look at various websites and rate them according to the rubric

ex4: Continue HTML. Follow along the four parts about learning html

ex5: Google Site Portfolio use google sites to display your digital artwork

Tips on Ex 5: Banner size: 1666 x 140 pixels. Splash page 1000 x 1000 pixels. The splash page should have a little bit of each of your graphics/videos. You must create at least a 7 page site- a splash page(home), 5 content pages- 1 graphic or video per page, and 1 career resource link(to be finished in the future). Make sure the sharing is set to public on web. Make sure

ex6: Career Website in Design Exploring various jobs and using skills from this class to compile related data


EX1:Procedures and Syllabus Overview (in class)

EX2: Flash Showcase

EX3: History of Animation

EX4: Flash Basics

EX5: Flash Basics Part 2; Leaf, Brick, Bag

Ex 6 Walk Cycle. Click here for the directions.

Ex 7a Storyboarding

Ex 7b Headline News Story (New Story Creation and working on Storyboards)

Ex 8 Animatic of Headline News Story with Twist


Ex 9a Rough Draft of Headline News Story with Twist (Completed Half Way)

- better animation, sound, music, credits, transitions, voice overs. Still don't need color, black and white or line drawings are fine

Ex 9B Finished Rough Draft (Completed) Due 10/21

Ex 10A- Complete this Spreadsheet below. For Ex 10b, you are going to create a graphic in Photoshop, showing what you can do. Make the document 1920 x 1080 pixels. 2 day assignment, worth 20 points. Due on 10/26/16.

Ex 11 Lyrics Graphics. Students create a graphic illustrating their favorite song. They create both a portrait and landscape illustration. Due 11/2- WITH CRITIQUE FORM TOO

Ex 12 Students brainstorm on the future and create a doodle 4 google.

Directions are here:

Ex 13 Vector Characters in Photoshop

Ex 14 Final Project Options

Basic Critique Form


Basic Critique after you have finished the project. Write at least two complete sentences for the +, -, and =. Six sentences total

+ What did you like about this project (2 sentences or more)

-(minus) What did you dislike or think could be improved? (2 sentences or more)

= What is your takeaway from the project (what did you learn) (2 sentences or more)--

Final Part A for Digital Arts Semester One. Click here Password revealed in class

Here is a link to the Study Guide Notes that we went over class today for all classes. Note- you must be logged into your seq account to view. Link here