Digital Arts

Agenda for 3/20-3/24

Continue working on your exercises. Warmups due this Friday. Quarter Ends this Friday. Grades updated: All but 5th/6th period only.

If you checked out equipment, wait until I get back tomorrow to turn it in.

Digital Arts- Finish up your design Work by this Friday, new Exercises next week

Files for the Week & Agenda for this Week

ex5: Google Site Portfolio use google sites to display your digital artwork

Tips on Ex 5: Banner size: 1666 x 140 pixels. Splash page 1000 x 1000 pixels. The splash page should have a little bit of each of your graphics/videos. You must create at least a 7 page site- a splash page(home), 5 content pages- 1 graphic or video per page, and 1 career resource link(to be finished in the future). Make sure the sharing is set to public on web. Make sure

ex6: Career Website in Design Exploring various jobs and using skills from this class to compile related data

ex7: Intro to Unity: Learn how to game design and the process

Warmups S2 HERE:

Digital Arts Assessment form here:

Archived Work:

Previous Exercises:

For all files and directions: Click here for Lessons for Digital Arts.


ex 1a: Digital Art Video Production 10 Things you did over Winter Break

ex 1b: Intro to Code Using coding through Code Academy

ex 1c: Google Search Activity Google Search help

ex 1d: Overview of design-Good and Bad Websites

ex 1e: Developing a Website Evaluation tool- A how to guide


ex2&3: Paper Rubric & Rating Websites, look at various websites and rate them according to the rubric

ex4: Continue HTML. Follow along the four parts about learning html


EX1:Procedures and Syllabus Overview (in class)

EX2: Flash Showcase

EX3: History of Animation

EX4: Flash Basics

EX5: Flash Basics Part 2; Leaf, Brick, Bag

Ex 6 Walk Cycle. Click here for the directions.

Ex 7a Storyboarding

Ex 7b Headline News Story (New Story Creation and working on Storyboards)

Ex 8 Animatic of Headline News Story with Twist


Ex 9a Rough Draft of Headline News Story with Twist (Completed Half Way)

- better animation, sound, music, credits, transitions, voice overs. Still don't need color, black and white or line drawings are fine

Ex 9B Finished Rough Draft (Completed) Due 10/21

Ex 10A- Complete this Spreadsheet below. For Ex 10b, you are going to create a graphic in Photoshop, showing what you can do. Make the document 1920 x 1080 pixels. 2 day assignment, worth 20 points. Due on 10/26/16.

Ex 11 Lyrics Graphics. Students create a graphic illustrating their favorite song. They create both a portrait and landscape illustration. Due 11/2- WITH CRITIQUE FORM TOO

Ex 12 Students brainstorm on the future and create a doodle 4 google.

Directions are here:

Ex 13 Vector Characters in Photoshop

Ex 14 Final Project Options

Basic Critique Form


Basic Critique after you have finished the project. Write at least two complete sentences for the +, -, and =. Six sentences total

+ What did you like about this project (2 sentences or more)

-(minus) What did you dislike or think could be improved? (2 sentences or more)

= What is your takeaway from the project (what did you learn) (2 sentences or more)--

Final Part A for Digital Arts Semester One. Click here Password revealed in class

Here is a link to the Study Guide Notes that we went over class today for all classes. Note- you must be logged into your seq account to view. Link here