Ex 3 Intro to Photoshop Photo

Ex 3 Intro to Photoshop. Exercise three has students look at Photoshop and create a simple tracing, going over the basics of Photoshop

Start with a Photograph, insert into Photoshop

Lower the opacity to 65% and make a new layer above the photo layer.

Draw in the file using the Photo as reference

Next work on the background on a separate layer

Next add a new layer, label it 'color', and shade under your line drawing and background image.

When you are done with your Ex 3 Intro to Photoshop, next create a collage of your Elements of Art photos or drawings from your journal.

Here is an A example.

Ex 3B- Element of Art Collage / Photoshop Basics- How to arrange your element of art photos in an interesting way. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1KmbhDxVp9oyJVdfV_VlCl43Vqzq7fCMj (pdf)