Digital Arts II

Welcome to Digital Art II!

For this year you are going to make a wiki and update the wiki at

I will find out what you are most interested in learning this year. I have included information for learning Maya below.

What we will likely do is spend Semester 1 working on Maya and Semester 2 working on Unity

Here is an awesome reference for learning 3d Animation / Maya

Please email me at to let me know what computer you are using. I'm having the tech install Maya and Adobe CC on all of the computers that don't have it, mostly yours.

Digital Arts 2 Students go to I have sent invitations to all of your accounts. So please double check them and accept. Then head to the page, find your name, click on your name, then edit the page with a focus on what you hope to learn so I can help you. Typically students learn 3d modeling the first semester and Unity the second semester, but let me know what you are interested in. Thanks