Q3 Ex3 Career Website

Q3 Ex3 Career Website Overview

Digital Art- Updates on Due Dates- (tentative) All Quarter Three work is due 3/23

Ex 2 last day for full credit March 5. Art Show due 3/5.

Ex 3 Research for Career Website: Quizzes (Career/Personality) , Job Outlook/Career(2 jobs, one based in Art/Design/Tech), College/Vocational Training, Money/Budget (Lifestyle), and Portfolio (PARC and Artshow Image) Last day for full credit 3/12

Ex 4 HTML Website from Lynda Tutorial 3/15. Follow along make the same or similar website

Ex 5 Customize HTML website for career and gallery (5 tabs from above- Quizzes, Career, Education, Budget, and Portfolio- March 20

Last week, clean everything up, get everything turned in by March 23

Check out the Midpen Youth Photo Contest below. New Warmups here (in google doc format). Submit your best artwork for the artshow labelled Per_ArtShow18_LastName.psd or whatever image format the file is in. Image will be printed 8.5 x 11 inches on Glossy Photo Paper, then matted with label. Art Show is next Thursday from 630 to 830 pm. Demo on Websites in Dreamweaver 3/06/18

Ex 3 Career Website in Design.pdf