Q3 Ex- Dreamweaver on Lynda

Students are going to learn how to make a website in Dreamweaver by going to https://www.lynda.com/Dreamweaver-tutorials/Creating-First-Website-Dreamweaver-CC-2017/558001-2.html and following along.

Mr S will get the class started and then you will work at your own pace.

We are going to make some modifications to the Dreamweaver website, but this website will give you a great foundation for making a fast, flexible, and modern website.

Go to roomf10.com and click on the Lynda tutorial.

What you are going to do is learn how to use Dreamweaver by watching a lynda tutorial.

The video shows you how to make a portfolio in Dreamweaver from scratch, starting with a completely blank page.

You are going to use what you have learned from Exercise 1, including html and css.

Follow along with Paul and make the website along with Paul.

Watch all of the videos, include screenshots and brief descriptions as you work through the file.

The entire video takes less than one hour to complete.

What are your three main takeaways from Dreamweaver?

Do you have any questions about Dreamweaver that you want to know more about?

Include screenshots and brief explanations

Save your dreamweaver work as "Per_Dreamweaver_LastName" and put the entire website in a folder. Make sure all of your assets (images, css) are within that folder.