Digital Art 2017

If you have any questions or problems, please don't hesitate to email I will be back as soon as I can.

Mr Sheridan

Ex 7a has students learn about storyboarding, which is a technique for telling stories through pictures. Ex 7b- Next up they learn a technique for coming up with new and interesting stories inspired by the news, and lastly, they Ex 7c- create a 12 panel story from their interesting story.

Ex 7a and 7b are linked below, with 7C being posted over this weekend.

New Warmups- Warmups #2 are available here. These warmups are due 9/22, no exceptions unless you are not present.

Ex 6 is the next assignment, due around September 18. The directions are available on the Ex 6 page, available here. The directions are available here as well. (pdf file)

Ex 6 digital art vector characters.pdf

New Warmups are available here. They are due on 9/8. Save them to your desktop so you can answer them daily.


I've added a drop down menu to each class, where you can find the most recent exercises. Currently there are two, one for exercise 4 (intro to photoshop) and one for exercise 5 (lyrics) . Tentative schedule this week (August 21 - September 1)

Monday go Over Rules and Procedures Ex 3, turn in Syllabus (signed or emailed)

Tuesday and Wednesday Intro to Photoshop Ex 4 (practice photoshop skills and mice/tablet drawing skills)

Thu and Friday Lyrics in Photoshop Ex 5. Available here (practice photoshop skills, learn portrait and landscape)

To use Canvas, you log in here:

You use your username from, which typically is your 6 digit student id. Your password is your initials followed by your birthday in 6 digits.

After you sign in, choose your courses from the list and select your digital class. Next click assignments and make sure your assignment is named correctly. The assignment should be named "Per_Exercise_LastName.doc" and submit using Canvas. Let me know if you have any trouble through email.

There is an additional page with more information at

Welcome Back!

Agenda for first week

Tuesday- Introduction to Classes, tour of building, explanation of tardy policy (signing in at tardy board)


Ex 0- Index Card Name Plate Design- Directions in class

Ex 1- Digital Art Survey- Below. You must sign in to google first with your account!


Ex 2- Signed Syllabus and Ex 3 Rules/Procedures Presentation

Thursday: Digital Arts 2 Students go to I have sent invitations to all of your accounts. So please double check them and accept. Then head to the page, find your name, click on your name, then edit the page with a focus on what you hope to learn so I can help you. Typically students learn 3d modeling the first semester and Unity the second semester, but let me know what you are interested in. Thanks

For Friday, students can work Ex 2 Review the Syllabus (and sign it) and Ex 3 Rules/Procedures of F10. The rules/procedures presentation is better once you have an assigned seat, as it has you set up your computer. If you finish that, you can get started on an introduction to Photoshop for Quarter 1.

I have enclosed the pdfs Ex 3 is on top (f10 Rules and Procedures) and Ex 4 What is Photoshop: For ex 4, make sure you choose a school appropriate image. (not more than G or PG)

F10 Procedures & Rules