Welcome back to class. I hope you had an enjoyable summer. To get things started, this website will have all of the instructions that we use during the year. I will update Canvas to point to the website. Canvas will be used for grades, this will be used for instructions. We use the turn in button above for turning in your work during the 2018-2019 school year. Mr S August 2018

Your agenda for today August 15, 2018. Regular Latestart Wednesday 0 853 and 1 943

1- Sit wherever you would like. Instructions are given on Smartboard. This will be your seat for Quarter One unless you are noisy/disruptive. Take Roll / Hand out Schedule 1st period Only

2- Get out your schedule - Get out Course Schedule and Fill out Seating Chart (in pencil, print name)| Go Over Wednesday and Regular Schedule

3- Brief Intro to Teacher and Class

4- Overview of Index Card Artwork and Icebreaker

5- Turn on computer, log in using your student id and password (currently on schedule). Launch Firefox, Safari, or Chrome. Go to roomf10.com and take the "Day 1 Survey Photo" or "Day 1 Survey Digital Art". Complete Survey below on Roomf10.com. If your computer doesn't work, survey is either available on paper or you can take turns with your partner.

6- When you are done with the survey, fill out blank paper with your 3 to 4 rough sketches (Part of the design process). Once you have 3 or 4 sketches you like, bring your sheet back to me and explain your ideas. I will give you index card, sign out art supplies (table at back), and get started on your Final Draft.

FOR TOMORROW: Go Over Syllabus and finish up Index Card

Make sure you choose the correct Interview. Photo is above and Digital Art is below

Parents and students: Accessing Student Grades: To access Canvas, go to https://sequoia.instructure.com/ and find your school on the left side. Students use their student ID's as their log in names and their initials followed by their six-digit birthdate to log in (example: jl081598). Parents follow the same steps and click the "Register Now" link.

Ex 0 Index Card .mov

September 5th Assembly Schedule