Room14ers 2024

Meet Ms. Ullner  

I am the one wearing the beret in the top picture. Teaching 6th grade at Manchester is - literally - a dream come true. Before I began teaching here, though, I had learning adventures along the way as a student at Fresno City College and UCLA followed by professional adventures in New York City and Florida. Besides Room14 time, I love to read, drink coffee, eat, and visit new places. I am a SF Giants fan.

I hope you will take 2 minutes to watch the "You Can Learn Anything" video above.  

In the year ahead you will learn how to learn, and you will learn how YOU control your intelligence through growth mindset strategies. You will read a lot, enjoy a love/hate relationship with Khan Academy, and learn about the ancient world. I will come alongside to provide support along the way. Learning success and reaching potential will look different for each 14er. 

Maybe best of all is that during this year, you will develop friendships that last far beyond Manchester.

I am looking forward to becoming the Room14ers of 2024; you will be joining the long and strong tradition of #Room14ersforever, a parade of greats that includes Miss Nancy.

You can reach me: 

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