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Our business is completely licensed, insured, and qualified to do roof repairs and replacements on constructions of all types. We have qualified teams of expert roofers in Lakeland and the surrounding region to take care of roof issues of all types. Massive jobs and small jobs alike each deserve care and experience.

We understand that dealing with roof damage is a very stressful ordeal. Often fixing roofing can be the deciding factor on whether a property will be bought or insured. Allowing a worn or damaged roof go unrepaired can lead to tens of thousands of dollars of damage to other regions of the home or property!

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We make managing roof issues painless!

  • FREE, NO OBLIGATION ESTIMATE is offered by a roofing expert on our team. Call today!

  • We operate with ALL insurance. We have expertise with all kinds of roof issues and will work with home owners and insurance providers in understanding the kinds of damage that could possibly be discovered on your roof, in addition to the most appropriate way to fix it.

  • Our Roofing Lakeland FL teams operate with ALL kinds of materials: asphalt shingles, clay or tile shingles, metal roofs, wood shingles, and a lot more. We also are familiar with common roof layouts, including gable, hip, and flat roofs.

  • Our teams are trained for customer service and ensuring a proper cleanup happens! Using a roof repaired or replaced can be a large, loud job! But from begin to finish, our Lakeland roofers are searching to make it smooth and simple as possible. We'll communicate with you through the process to ensure that you're conscious of the upcoming steps and what to anticipate.

Roofing Services in Florida

Roofing Lakeland FL offers a broad assortment of roofing services for Florida residents. These include:

new roof installation

New Roof Installation

Our groups are expert installers for tile, asphalt, metal and flat roofing materials. We work quickly to provide you a roof that will last.

roof storm damage

Storm/ Wind/ Hurricane Damage

Harsh weather conditions and disasters could strike any moment. We are well equipped and always ready for these occasions. Do not pay out of pocket for covered occasions.

roof repair services

Roof Repair Services

Getting a roof repair done correctly takes an experienced staff. We pride ourselves on our standard repairs.

Do not pay out of pocket for covered occasions. WE WILL WORK WITH YOUR INSURANCE PROVIDER.

Any roof type - you are covered

tile roofing

Tile Roofing

Clay, ceramics, or concrete. Irrespective of your selection, roof tiles have amazing options

metal roofing

Metal Roofing

Metal is among the most environmentally friendly roof types

asphalt roofing

Asphalt Roofing

Asphalt shingles are very popular

Plus a lot more!

Whatever roof you've got or want, Roofing Lakeland FL can help.

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The weather patterns in the vicinity of Lakeland are barbarous on roofs of all types. Often, homeowners will probably be unaware of the extent of damage until a serious problem has already happened.

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Strong storms out of seasonal storms, including hurricanes and tropical storms, hail, lightning, and even ultraviolet (UV) rays from the scorching Florida sun can wear even the best roofs. Sooner or after a roof will need to be replaced or repaired.

There's good news! A lot of the damage that occurs from the elements is covered by ordinary homeowners insurance policies.


Many home and home owners are unaware that typical homeowners' insurance policies will provide important, if not full, policy for any repairs necessary for their own roof.

Because of the severe weather in Lakeland and the frequency of roof damage from Lakeland, insurance companies are extremely knowledgeable about roofing claims and managing insurance policy for damage to roofs.

Regrettably, insurance companies will often challenge even the most clear cut cases of weather-related damage to a roof and the homeowner will be left wondering if they're covered.

Before putting in an insurance claim, contact our Lakeland roofing specialist to provide a no commitment assessment of your roof. A specialist review will ensure that there is no hidden damage. Trained eyes can ascertain whether shingles are damaged because of wind (e.g., creased shingles), in addition to whether or not other regions of your construction that have suffered damage, like rotten wood at the decking (below the shingle) or elsewhere, damaged soffits, reduction of adhesive holding the shingles, corrosion to the roof flashing, or other typical regions of roof damage. Our trained roof assessors can also help direct you to understand whether inside damage in the roof problem is likely.

Beyond simply understanding the kind and extent of the roof damage to your roof, our Roofing Lakeland FL team knows key facets of insurance policy to make sure you have a clear picture of your rights!

Did you know that:

  • Certain statutes under Florida state law require insurance companies to replace a damaged roof according to portion of the region damaged versus the Entire size of the roof

  • Insurers are obligated to match damaged shingles or tiles to the surrounding region or replace the full section of the roof

  • Standard homeowners insurance policies cover roof damage, in Addition to damage to the interior of the Home

  • There's a difference between ACV (actual cash value) and the replacement cost of a roof. Knowing these distinctions can mean the difference between a fully covered roof fix and one where the homeowners is left to pay substantial elements of this cost!

From begin to finish, our staff will support you at the correct and reasonable correction of any roof issues along with your insurance company. This implies our services comprise for you, at no Excess cost:

  • No duty roof review

  • Detailed Information Regarding your roof damage to assist in making a full, honest claim

  • Meet with insurance adjuster to discuss the assessment

  • Homeowner help through the Procedure

We have the expertise that you can trust with your roof difficulties and advice in full, reasonable insurance claims!

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Why hire expert help?

Our team of qualified specialists is always in the service and carries an impressive portfolio of roof repair and replacement work. This is why you should always Request Roofing Lakeland FL for all of your roofing problems:

  • We provide the finest quality services and we understand the special challenges of roofs in Lakeland.

  • We have skilled teams for every unique roofing issue including damaged roof flashings, water damage & leaks, damaged shingles, and moss & mould growth.

  • We provide the most competitive rates and have the homeowner's interests at heart.

  • We help you file a claim and Help You through the insurance Procedure

  • We provide both residential and commercial roofing services to our customers.

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For a homeowner, you're always on the watch for upkeep issues around your home. For Florida residents, one area that needs special care is roof damage. Florida's harsh weather conditions can take a toll on a roof's construction and provide way to many roof issues.

Violent seasonal storms, nearing end patterns, lightning, and hail storms are a couple of of the recurring problems that Florida homeowners need to contend with.

Roofing issues originating from these weather conditions could be complicated and when left unattended, can lead to long-term damage. Unattended roofs can also result in other issues like water damage.

While much of the roof damage can be averted through vigilance and attention, it is often advisable to telephone a roofing contractor for skilled help.

If your roof is leaking following a storm provide us a call, therefore we could quickly help to fix the reason for the leak before it generates a bigger issue. Our teams are available to fix or replace your roof quickly.


How do I know I need my roof repaired?

Even a very simple home inspection can show several signals that you need your roof repaired. While the majority of the roof damage can be evaluated by yourself, it is often advisable to call in an expert inspection group. Some signals that you Require a fix include:

  • Missing, cracked or broken implants

  • Stains on the inside walls and ceiling

  • Leaks and deterioration around Chimneys, vents, and plumbing

  • Moisture develop or leaks following a thunderstorm, hailstorm, hurricane, etc..

  • Other signals include mold growth, rising electricity bills, and awareness of outside light.

Most of these damages can be fixed, however in some acute cases replacing your roof makes more sense.

How do I know if I need a new roof?

A range of factors determine if you need a full roof replacement or not. The extent of damage, age of the roof, and also your long-term aims may play a part in making that decision.

A recurring escape, a 20 year-old roof, or too many cracked shingles indicate it may be a good time to put money into a roof.

If you plan on staying in your present home for a long time, it is advisable to acquire a total replacement. In the same way, if you're considering selling your property, an older roof may reduce resale value.

It isn't always feasible to assess the area of damage on your own so it is advisable to telephone in a roofing expert.

How much does it cost to fix or replace a roof in Lakeland?

Roof repair costs in Florida fluctuate greatly based on the pitch of your roof, the kind of shingles which you have, along with the extent of the damage. The complexity of the project, architecture of your residence, along with the business installing the roof can also have a substantial impact on your costs.

Roofing Lakeland FL has the client's best interests at heart. Our dedicated inspection team will create a detailed study on the durability and the area of damage to your roof.

Our expert will recommend repairs or complete replacement of the roof based on the damages. The repair and replacement costs are clearly communicated beforehand and you will be given with all the required tools to create an educated decision.

Will my insurance cover roof replacement or repair?

Most homeowners insurance policies in Florida cover roof repair costs. The insurance companies will pay for the repairs when the damage is the consequence of a natural catastrophe or an accidental event.

But, some homeowners insurance policies won't pay to replace or fix a roof that is old and already experiencing wear-and-tear. Roof damage is usually covered under the dwelling coverage and its commonly covered events include fire, wind, and hail damage.

Insurance providers often apply deductibles and policy limitations in high-risk states like Florida. If that is the case you may need to receive an additional insurance plan. Roofing Lakeland FL does not just offer repair services, our staff also walks customers through the intricate insurance process. We make sure our customers receive the best deal quickly.

How long can a roof replacement take?

A lot of factors determine the time necessary to replace a roof. The kind of roof, size, and weather affect the roofing work considerably. Some roofs can be finished in as little as one day, while others could take up to a week. But with Roofing Lakeland FL's quick services, you will get an inspection staff at your door in no time. You can contact us 24/7 to get a precise time-table dependent on the nature of your job.

Can you provide a free quote or estimate?

Yes,. You can contact us anytime to get a free quote from our workplace. Our estimates are comprehensive and totally free of any hidden costs. Give us a call today at to get a free quote.

You can always give us a call if our FAQs didn't answer all of your questions.