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Expand Your Online Reach by Using the Power of a Premium Domain Name

Are you providing roofing services to your clients? People need help with repairing or replacing old roofs, fixing leaky surfaces? Or they need to apply waterproof coatings, layer of tar to their roof? Installing roof ventilation, sheet metal flashings, skylights? Maybe simple debris clearing? Whatever the case may be, read more how can help your roofing business. 

P.S. Stay safe working at heights!

Brand Protection

Domain name is the 1st interaction a customer has with your brand. Allows you to control your brand, secure your preferred roofing domain name. Otherwise, you run the risk of somebody else purchasing it and losing control of it and not being able to keep your existing customers.

Leveraging the right domain names will build your brand by creating a strong image for your roofing business and can mean the difference in whether you or your competitors get the lion's share of online business.

Why Should You Own Multiple Domain Names & Not Just 1?

Owning more than just one domain name describing your business allows you to attract new customers online. When people are searching for a roofing service in Ottawa on google, it is common that they naturally type in their web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.). In that way, they land either on your or competitor's website. By having multiple domains, you are ensuring repeat business + recognition. You can redirect them to your main website, include contact details, social links. This can save a lot of your budget on advertising (much cheaper than spending a lot on just 1 click to a website). A single domain location is no longer sufficient and could put your roofing business at risk by being overwhelmed by competing roofers in Ottawa.

Texas Floral Company Case Study

A florist in Texas purchased around 20 affordable descriptive domain names such as and

As a result, the company's traffic increased by 47% and they were able to increase sales by 1.5 million while closing five brick and mortar locations. So there's a giant cost savings there too.

They used the domains in things like printed ads, radio and TV ads, so they can see what is actually working.

Boost Your SEO

Rank your roofing business on 1st page of google: every day people are typing keywords on google related to their roofing problem and searching for the most trustworthy roofing service in their local area of Ottawa: ''roofing in Ottawa''

If you own, it puts you in the best position to get on 1st page, instead of some other confusing domain name non-related to roofing. By using several domain names that feature your roofing service, Google will rank you higher because the domain name and website content is exactly what people are looking for. Win-win for both Google and you. Google cannot allow to ruin its reputation by ranking websites with irrelevant content in comparison to searched keywords. 

Send People to Your Social Media Accounts

You can target people to your facebook profile, instagram page, linkedin, youtube channel, google maps listing showing them positive reviews from your previous satisfied customers, for instance. Create a professional email address, send weekly newsletters to your loyal customers offering them special deals or discounts to remind them about your roofing service. Easy way to find your profile on those interactive social media platforms.

The Most Popular TLD?

TLD stands for Top-Level Domain, it is a final component of a domain name, extension.

Examples:  .com  .net  .org  .us  .ca  .eu

.com is the most popular among all of them

.com is added at the beginning of 1985, its name is derived from the word commercial, indicating its original intended purpose for domains registered by commercial organizations.

.com is the #1 single most trusted tld, people are 3.8 times more likely to type .com extension after the domain name when searching the web.

Owning the .com version should always be the first option. This communicates strength and leadership.


Make a choice and put yourself in the best possible position when ''battling'' for customers with your roofing competitors in Ottawa. Owning multiple domain names does just that. It helps with running circles around your competition. It gives your company authority, credibility and identity. Just put yourself in your customers shoes for a moment. If you were searching for roofing in Ottawa, you would rather choose someone using those exact keywords in the domain name because it is the 1st thing you see. It creates instant clarity and trust. Not to mention about the ease of remembering and spelling it. The fact that it is solution defining!

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