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What are solar panels? It is a process whereby we can make energy from the heat given out by the sun.This energy made by the sun is called solar energy.The first thought that comes to ones' mind is how it is done.WE can make and generate solar energy or solar power by putting panels on roofs.THESE are special type of panels called solar panels.Solar energy can be used to generate electricity and heat water/depending on the type of ones' need these come in two types solar photovoltaic and solar thermal.Solar photovoltaic help to generate electricity whereas solar thermal helps to heat water.EVEN if you do not live in a sunny place area do not worry just daylight is enough to generate some electric power even on gloomy days,this is very important for areas where the weather is dull and cloudy.

Photovoltaic roof tiles help to convert the sunlight into electric power,this can be utilized by you to generate electricity to power your house in the daytime.The unutilized energy is sent back to the grid of solar panels.If one uses more than generation by the panels the extra energy comes from the grid.

IN WINTER solar energy is less so there is more power consumption from the grid.The best bet in winter is to run the appliances when there is still light in the sky,this will help you to get maximum savings.


I think you must be asking yourself this question a thousand times over and over again WELL let me tell you :

Firstly the electricity bills savings are enormous as compared to the investment made.

Secondly you go greener and reduce the carbon footprint%u2026

Thirdly the solar panel industry is its infancy but the benefits are too much to give it a miss.

When the power bills/utility bills are increasing every month one has to think of a convenient and easy way out rather than pulling your hair out and getting frustrated.So get up and get going. Solar energy has been in for is relatively safe and clean energy go ahead and fix solar panels.

One can make ones' own solar panel through a full guide downloadable on your computer at an unbeatable neverb4 offer for all those interested in saving a considerably substantial amount of money on fixing solar panels.The full DIY Solar Power Guide is available to Facebook users for just.$27 when you order through this special link right now.

For further help and details go to link below and take advantage

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The solar panel industry is a hot topic nowadays as countries globally are striving hard on how to save power and what are the alternative sources of power as each country is reaching out for development in all aspects of the econom. So no one would want to be left behind .//////////////

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