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The Thing's You'll Need

Before you start to install your new roof window it's good to make sure that you have everything you need. For this particular installation this includes the GPU S06 Roof window, BFX Underfelt Collar and the appropiate flashing, in this case, the EL flashing for natural slate. Quilt wool insulation may also be required.

Getting Started

The first stage is to remove the glazed sash from the existing window, before stripping the rest of the material and flashings from around the window frame. Then, the frame from the original window can be taken out.

Remove your new window from the packaging, then carefully take out the glazed sash, but pushing in the two small retaining pins that are located in the hinges. The glazed sash should be put to one side, while the frame itself is fitted. If you are reusing the original lining, the frame should be positioned so the lining is located within the frame rebate and secure the brackets. You'll need to use the brackets supplied with the EL flashing, and not those supplied with the new roof window.

Insulation and Flashing

Where possible insulate the space between the window frame and roof structure to reduce any energy loss from the inside of the building. If the existing installation did not have roofing felt turned up around the frame, use the BFX felt collar to provide this now. The next stage is to fit the flashing that goes around the window. Because we're keeping the existing lining, the replacement window will be installed above its normal installation height, which requires a deeper flashing. In this case flashing EL for natural slate. The EL bottom flashing apron and bottom frame cover from the window carton are fitted first. Then the first course of slating is completed. Each side is fitted with a series of soakers, these clip easily together with a fold over tab. The soakers are fitted alternately with the slates. The frame covers from the window carton are then fitted with the screws provided. And finally, the back gutter flashing is put in place and the slating finished.

The Finishing Touches

The sash can now be replaced. Position it in the frame opening and engage the sash and frame hinges. As the window is closed the pins automatically reengage to hold the window in place. Your new Velux Solar Powered INTEGRA Roof Window is now installed, weather tight and ready for use.

roofers near me reviews