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How a Warm Roof Construction Can Benefit Your Home and Wallet!

Flat roofs traditionally consisted of a timber deck with a waterproof covering on top. It's a very old (and many would agree, outmoded) structure form dating back many years. If insulation was provided at all, it was frequently considered something of an afterthought and generally comprised mineral wool stuffed between the rafters or joists.

Without sufficient ventilation, this type of arrangement can be rendered ineffective and can cause condensation, leading to rotting timbers and damp ceilings. If this type of 'cold' roof is to be efficient at all, then good ventilation is essential. Particularly in roof spaces above areas renowned for a build up of moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

The downside to 'vented' fascia boards or roofing vents is that a great deal of heat is lost in the process of allowing condensation to escape. Your heating literally goes through the roof, along with your heating costs!

A similar process occurs with a cold pitched roof. Introducing ventilation into pitched roofs can promote warm air leakage from your property into the roof space, creating excess moisture into the construction. It can also provide a breeding ground for dirt, dust and insects.

At one time, these 'ventilation' processes may well have been enough to satisfy building regulations, but nowadays, from an energy conservation perspective, this is not sound practice at all.

Far from it.

How To Create A Breathable Roof Construction - A Warm Roof Construction

So a roof that was ventilated satisfied the building regulations but as you can imagine it also increased heatloss.

So what is the alternative?

To create a construction that is 'breathable' yet prevents air and moisture from becoming trapped, which can lead to the decay of the building.

The solution is to employ a 'warm roof construction.'

Unlike the problems associated with a cold flat or pitched roof, a warm roof construction enables you to conserve the heat within your property - no ventilation required.

So how does it work?

Well, the insulation is effectively moved to the outside of your roof structure, removing the possibility for condensation to form on the underside on the deck and therefore eliminating the capacity for damp.

So when constructing a warm roof the insulation is laid across the rafters and then the battens are fixed above the insultation and then the tiles fixed to the battens.

A warm roof will keep the whole family snug and cosy in winter and comfortably cool during the warmer months. Plus, your home will be rendered thermally-efficient, benefitting from improved heating and cooling costs.

As you have seen, a warm roof construction will benefit your living experience in several ways. As well as residing in more comfortable surroundings, conserving optimum heat means that savings will be reflected in your quarterly bills.

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