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Why Choose a Vergola Patio Roof




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Vergola - Patio Roof Ideas

Vergola on the Sunshine coast can professionally design, supply, install and maintain you opening louvre pergola roof. Letting you use you patio area in all seasons. Read on how vergolas patio roofing system can add value to you home and save you money. Not to mention all year round use of you outdoor area.

Pergola Roofing

Vergola have created the perfect pergola roof. They designed designed and created a unique, fully adjustable waterproof louver patio roof system .

The Vergola roofing system has won awards and it allows you to control the amount of light or shade to the outdoor area. Letting you use the patio all year round. The patio roof system is designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate and are cyclone rated.

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Unique features of Vergolas Patio Roofing System

1. You can enjoy full or part shade by adjusting the louvers to the seired positon.

2. You can have protection from the rain in general weather conditions because of the interlocking louvers that for part of the pergola roof.

3. The aerofoil louvre shape allows the air flow to be controlled in wet and dry weather.

4. Benefit from the energy efficiency of the Pergola Roof. You can conrol the amount of sun that hit exteral wall and windows that are exposed. Great in both summer and winter.

5. The pergola roof provides great insulation from the hot and cold weather. Its double layer louvers see that it can insulated your patio area from the elements and also provide sound insulation

6. The built in rain sensor will automatically close the pergola roof when the rain starts and it will open up when it is all over. You don't even have to be there.

Vergola. A Great Investment

Your Vergola patio roof can be made from a timber steel or an aluminium framework or other other material that is accetped by your local authority.

Vergola are committed to exceptional quality and customer service. We will design, supply, install and maintain your pergola roof . All products carry the manufacturer's warranty.

Go to Vergola Sunshine Coasts website for great pergola design ideas.

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