Roof Damage

Roofing Choices that Reduce Repairs

Replacing a roof is a major project that requires research. The choices of materials have increased and improved over the years. Homeowners who have not needed to select a roof in the last twenty years will be wise to explore new materials. The common asphalt shingles that were ideal twenty years ago, are quickly becoming surpassed by materials that last longer and drastically reduce Roof Repair over the life of the roof.

Life Expectancy of Some Materials

Wood shakes and shingles can last as long as fifty years, but are not the best option to reduce roof repair cost. This material can dry out and has declined in quality so is susceptible to roof damage and high maintenance costs. The risk of fire is high as well. A material that will not burn, and is available with lifetime warranties, is clay or concrete tiles.

Another Material Available with Lifetime Warranties

Metal panels are available with lifetime warranties from some manufacturers. This material is traditionally associated with commercial buildings and farms, but is gaining popularity among homeowners due to savings. The cost of having a metal roof installed is higher than the installation of shingles and shakes, but is a more cost-effective material over the life of the roof. Panels are seamless, opposed to metal tiles, so there will never be the need for roof leak repair.

Adding Up the Savings

A lifetime warranty eliminates replacement costs. Panels require zero maintenance, which also saves money over time. Homeowners who opt for a reflective coating will enjoy the reduction of utility costs as well as the cost of repairs. The coating reduces utility costs by ten to fifteen percent. Review those costs for last year and minus that be ten percent. Energy-efficiency improvements of that degree qualify for federal tax credit, which can be as high as five-hundred dollars.

No Sacrifices

The first thing that comes to mind regarding a metal roof is the appearance. Most look exactly like metal, which is a dull gray color. Metal panels are offered in different colors and finishes so they can resemble wood shakes, match the rest of the home exterior, or stand out. Homeowners do not have to make sacrifices in appearance to benefit from the properties of a metal roof.

The opportunity to save a substantial amount of money for as long as the home stands is worth major consideration. No maintenance costs and a reduction in utility bills permanently are more reasons to take a close look at metal panels.