Welcome! Below you'll find a few samples of my video and design work as well as a sample job aid and some more information about me. Formal writing samples are available upon request; if you're interested, you can read my dissertation here.

My professional career began in academia, where for 10 years I was a research, writing, and literature instructor while I completed my PhD in English (Media, Cinema, and Digital Studies) at UW-Milwaukee. In this time, I served as a mentor to my students, collaborator to/with my colleagues, and as a committee member in service of our chair(s).

For the last six years, I've worked in the private sector, namely in the mobile tech and insurtech spaces. As a Senior Instructional Designer, I have experience scripting, doing VO work, and producing high-quality audio files (for various purposes and audiences); creating engaging training and educational videos; building asynchronous and often complex e-learning courses and paths (e.g., Storyline, Rise); building and implementing large programs (e.g., specialized new hire onboarding); and leading complex legal/compliance initiatives (e.g., CCPA).

In addition to my training and project management expertise, I also have experience as a Business Systems Analyst and Product Owner, so I understand the relationship between business requirements/needs and the dev side of a business and am comfortable leading projects through to completion (and one of my biggest strengths is analyzing and refining workflows).

Finally, I'm also an accomplished mentor and leader; I simply love helping others grow and develop, and I thrive when I'm communicating and collaborating across teams and levels. On a related note, I'm very comfortable participating in and/or running GTMs.

You can find my resume and a link to my LinkedIn profile at the bottom of this page. I hope to hear from you soon!


A tl;dr summary of my skills:

  • People development & leadership

  • Workflow analysis & improvement

  • Strategic planning

  • Project & program management

  • Cross-team & -level coordination

  • GTM leadership

  • Content development

  • Video production

  • Written, verbal, & visual communication

  • UX design

  • and more!

A small selection of samples:

A short video I created to introduce Sales agents to a new process they might be called on to execute in the case of a catastrophic weather event, i.e., a "cat". (I performed the research, wrote the script, recorded the VO, and did all the video production work.)

Another short video I made to contextualize some text-based training content that I also built out and is shown in the video. (I performed the research, wrote the script, recorded the VO, and did all the video production work.)

A video demo I wrote and produced to help train our trainers, implementation specialists, and customers on our photo capture mobile application. I also designed and built the set used here to capture the "damage images" of the model vehicle. Additionally, I researched and produced all the text-based training and support documentation around this and all of our other mobile apps.

Some branding work I did for our New Hire program. The entire program was redesigned to make it cleaner and easier to navigate and understand (all huge UX improvements); the new minimalistic graphics and other design elements I incorporated help with this.

A few screen shots from a resource I built out in Rise that was used to communicate details around CCPA to our employees and satisfied our legal/compliance requirements. This project required me to work closely with program managers, developers, attorneys, HR executives, and more. (Just a few static images are included here.)

A resource I built out in Storyline that contains all of our Mobile-related training resources, e.g., videos/demos, job aids, dev road maps, etc. (Just a few static images are included here.)


A standard job aid. At CCC, I was responsible for creating and maintaining all of the training content (for both internal and external users) around our mobile apps; these documents and artifacts would often be used by our sales people and were frequently leveraged by insurance company users providing customer support to their end users. Artifacts include: job aids, e-learning modules, slide decks, videos, and podcast episodes.

Additional work samples are available upon request.

Current resume (Fall 2022):


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