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We Currently Offer the Following Pest Control Services for the McKinney / Plano Area

Your home is where you and your family enjoy life—eating, relaxing, enjoying various activities & sleeping. And it is a sensitive environment. Your home needs to be safe from pests, and you need Cascade’s caring, professional service that fully considers the integrity of your living space as we control pests. Have Cascade protect your home from harmful pests today.

Special note: If you are pregnant, have small children, or have pets be sure to let us know so we can provide the utmost in care.

  • Single Treatments: Some pests, like wasps, may only require one treatment.
  • Treatment Series: Other pests, like carpenter ants, require a series of treatments to provide control.
  • Periodic Home Inspections: Most importantly, a home needs to checked periodically to catch the early signs of pests—before they get out of hand.


Our Pest Control provides professional control and extermination of termites and unique expertise with the local termite problem. Here in the northwest we have both subterranean termites and damp-wood termites, each requiring very different treatment approaches. Your technician is particularly trained in termite and other wood destroying insect problems unique to western Washington and the Puget Sound basin. This ensures that you get the most comprehensive termite control and protection without paying for unnecessary treatment procedures.

Your technician will inspect and examine your house structure (and other structures onsite) to determine the extent of termite infestation and/or the vulnerability of construction type and situation against termites. Then your technician will provide you with an estimate of treatment costs. Besides treatment barriers, your technician will consider ‘integrated pest management’ methods for termites such as moisture control, breaking earth-to-wood contact, monitoring and repairs. We prepare a plan specifically designed for your home’s unique construction and site evaluation.

Romex Pest Control provides inspection, prevention and control of termites


Subterranean Termites and Dampwood Termites

Termites are the classic “home destroyer” and we actually have two very different species: one that is found throughout Western Washington-and happens to be one of the largest termites in North America-and another that comes up from the soil and is limited to certain parts of our region. All termites actually eat and digest wood cellulose. Contact Romex for more information or to schedule a treatment.

Western Subterranean Termites

The “subterranean” termite is the infamous termite that does so much damage to homes. They send troops out of the ground nest lying somewhere beneath the home and it is these worker termites that tunnel through the timber and framing of homes and, over time, cause significant destruction.

This kind of termite is found in certain geographic areas. The only “sturdy” way to control this termite involves treating the soil around the structure.

Pacific Dampwood Termites

These are some of the largest termites in North America, perhaps the world, but thankfully they only attack wood that is so wet and moist that rot (wood decay fungus) is likely to set in. They are found throughout and are commonly found in wood that is laying on the ground, partially rotted.

Homes only encounter these termites when there is some excessive moisture condition such as a chronic roof leak, a chronic pluming leak, or excessive moisture in a substructure crawlspace (standing water, lack of ventilation, etc.)

Dampwood Termites swarm – that is, they send out their winged-reproductives, in the late summer. We at Romex emphasize moisture control and repairs over chemical application for this termite pest.