September 1, 2020, Naples, Italy

Online conference

Workshop: Integrating Sensor Fusion and Perception for Human-robot Interaction


Dr. Hang Su

Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Prof. Chenguang Yang

University of the West of England, UK

Dr. Sara Moccia

Università Politecnica delle Marche, Italy

Dr. Mingchuan Zhou

Technical University of Munich, Germany

Dr. Aldo Marzullo

University of Calabria, Italy

Prof. Elena De Momi

Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Date: 1st September 2020

Statement of objectives – intended audiences:

Human-robot interaction (HRI) is devoted to the development of smarter systems that study the interaction between humans and robots, which has attracted increasing research interests in the past years. In many practical scenarios, such as factories, rehabilitation robots, and operating rooms, HRI technology can be exploited to increase safety using intelligence for human operation. However, both available commercial robotic systems and some ongoing researches lack intelligence due to their limited capabilities in the perception of the environment, hampering their spreading in the applications and development. Nowadays, the HRI usually relies on a single sensing system, with separates algorithms and hardware developed for sensing systems, for instance, tactile perception and computer vision. Future intelligent robots should integrate all available sensing systems to interact with the environment in the ways humans do. Sensor fusion and perception with Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques have been popular in environment perception and activity recognition, by fusing information from a multi-modal sensing system and selecting the most appropriate information to achieve the perception. Hence, how to combine the technique of multi-sensor fusion and perception for HRI is an inspiring and promising topic. This workshop aims at bringing world-class researchers to present the state-of-art research achievements and advances that contribute to the HRI using integrating sensor fusion and perception techniques.

List of speakers

Emanuele Frontoni Department of Information Engineering Università Politecnica delle Marche

Francesco Calimeri Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Università della Calabria

Cameron Riviere The Robotics Institute Carnegie Mellon University

Leonardo S. Mattos Advanced Robotics Department Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia

Ning Wang Bristol Robotics Lab University of the West of England

Call for Abstracts:

Workshop “Integrating Sensor Fusion and Perception for Human-robot Interaction” at RO-MAN 2020 invites submissions of abstracts. The goals of this workshop are to provide a platform to discuss existing challenges, new ideas and resources and disseminate the latest results.


Authors should submit an extended abstract (2 pages) as a PDF in the standard IEEE conference format, before the submission deadline specified below. Before the workshop, authors of the accepted abstracts are required to submit a one-page PPT to the organizer, and they will have 3 minutes to orally introduce the abstract at the workshop.

Live demos or videos are highly encouraged. Please communicate with the organizers if you need any help, for example, extra space, power, or equipment for your demo.


Topics of interest include but not limited to

  • Integration of vision and tactile sensing for robot perception, e.g., object recognition, object exploration, planning, action selection, and learning

  • Bio-inspired approaches (for instance robotic surgery) for the fusion of vision and touch sensing in Human-Robot Interaction

  • Deep learning techniques based perfection for Human-Robot Interaction

  • The use of vision and haptic for safe human-robot interaction/collaboration

  • Human-Robot Interaction including AR/VR/MxR immersive technologies

  • Integration haptic guidance for teleoperation

  • Multi-sensor fusion oriented Human-Robot Interaction


Submission Deadline: August 10, 2020

Acceptance Notification: August 20, 2020

Two or Three Minutes Lighting Pitch PPT Deadline: August 28, 2020


Free Registration: No Fee

Feel Free to email organizers for your questions.

Workshop Program Schedule:

  1. Opening and Introduction

16:00 ~ 16:15 PM: Welcome and Workshop Overview

  1. Invited Talk

16:15 ~ 16:45 PM: Prof. Emanuele Frontoni

"Making sense: perception and comprehension in human robot interaction"

16:45 ~ 17:15 PM: Prof. Francesco Calimeri

"Hybrid inductive-deductive approaches for path planning"

17:15 ~ 17:45 PM: Prof. Cameron Riviere

"Human-Robot Interaction with Handheld Microsurgical Robots"

17:45 ~ 18:15 PM: Dr. Leonardo S. Mattos

"Computer vision for enhanced perception and control in surgical applications"

18:15 ~ 18:45 PM: Dr. Ning Wang

"A Framework of Hybrid Force/Motion Skills Learning for Robots"

  1. Abstracts Pitch Session and Presentations

18:45 ~ 19:00 PM: Abstract Lighting Pitch Session

(1) "Multiple Leap Motion Sensor Fusion Framework for Hand Pose Estimation"

Authors: Salih Ertug Ovur, Wen Qi, Hang Su, Elena De Momi and Giancarlo Ferrigno

(2) "Enhanced teleoperation control using hybrid signals and passivityadaptation"

Authors: Xuanyi Zhou, Jilin He and Dingping Chen

(3) "Advanced Wheel-legged Robot with Electric Parallel Mechanism: BIT-4NAZA Robot"

Authors: Jiehao Li, Junzheng Wang, Shoukun Wang and Jing Li

(4)"Exploring a markerless, mobile and accurate skeleton acquisition setup for rehabilitation"

Authors: Manuel Palermo, João Andre, Sara Moccia, Lucia Migliorelli, José Afonso and Cristina Santos

(5)"Real-time Compensation of Handheld Surgical Robotic Tool for Safer Neurosurgery"

Authors: Aravind Venugopal, Sara Moccia, Cameron Riviere, Arpita Routray, Simone Foti and Elena De momi

(6)"Neural Network Optimization for Robot-assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery"

Authors: Yingbai Hu, Yi Liang, Longbin Zhang, Wenrui Wu and Alois Knoll

(7)"Predicting Leg Muscle Strength and MMSE score using Motion Capture Data for Elderly People"

Authors: Simon Schlegl, Xueting Wang, Toshihiko Yamasaki, Mingchuan Zhou, Alois Knoll, Yoshikuni Sato, Takahiro Hiyama, Yasuko Yoshinaka and Misaka Kimura

(8)"Theoretical Error Analysis of Spotlight-based 6D Instrument Localization for Retinal Surgery"

Authors: Felix Hennerkes, Mingchuan Zhou, Zhongliang Jiang, Matthias Grimm, Mathias Maier, Chris Lohmann, Ali Nasseri, Iulian Iordachita and Nassir Navab

(9)"Adaptive Neural Network Control framework for a Lower Limb Exoskeleton based on Multi-sensor Fusion"

Authors: Longbin Zhang, Wen Qi, Yingbai Hu and Yue Chen

(10)"Design and simulation of Openloop and Closedloop control for SEPIC converter"

Authors: Rajesh Dongare and Bhoopesh Chaudhari

  1. Best Workshop Paper Award Session

19:00 ~ 19:15 PM: Best Paper Award Announcement

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