The Rolling Thunder Tribe is comprised of teams of men that come together for community based events

Rolling Thunder Tribe is proud to support community initiatives and higher purpose events by donating our time & resources organizing fundraising events and performing community service work.

Some of the organizations we support are:

The Crash Youth Camp Society - an organization that inspires Leadership in Youth.

The Sterling Institute of Relationship - an organization that offers Men's & Women's Weekends that teaches men and women to come to know and understand themselves and each other, so they can have the successful and productive relationships and lives they want.

The One More Time Charity - a non-profit, registered charity, created from one man's vision to help improve the lives of the homeless and less fortunate.


Teams usually meet on a weekly basis on different nights and at different locations. Team sizes range from eight men to fifteen men.

We are inclusive of ethnicity, sexual orientation, political belief and vocation. We have members who have been married for more than 50 years, who have been divorced, who are in long-term committed relationships or have never been married.