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First of all, Roku is a significant contender for the top streaming devices for TV because of its ease of access and cost-efficient packages. This platform works on open source software, decreasing the cost. Their TV layout is similar to that of Kodi player, one of the best fantastic TV players present. This article lets you know regarding the installation and activation via site.

Roku Link Code

How to Get the Roku Link Code?

  • At first, the users can obtain the Roku activation code from the device screen and activate and initiate the Roku setup.

  • Moreover, the link code will assist in linking to the respective account.

  • Roku activation code entry is essential to activate Roku via site.

  • Further, get the link code on your Roku TV and visit the site

  • Go to the Roku account by giving the username and password to add the Roku channels.

  • At last, perform the Roku activation guidelines and choose the basic settings to finish up the setup.

How to Create a Roku Account before Activating the Device via

Coming up are the simple and quick steps to create the Roku account:

  • At first, access a browser on the computer.

  • Using the web browser, reach the signup page.

  • Secondly, click the create account button.

  • Make sure to complete the form details and choose to submit.

  • After that, verify the email ID email.

  • Finally, sign in to the Roku account.

Activating the Roku Device from

The below instructions can help you to activate the Roku device:

  • At first, choose the language from the options.

  • Roku streaming device must be linked to the network using the wired network or wireless network.

  • Make sure to install the newest software to operate the Roku Streaming device.

  • Secondly, after downloading the software, visit the site to activate the Roku device.
  • Build the Roku account to activate the Roku streaming stick.

  • Key code onto the activation link.

  • Log in with the Roku account using the credentials.

  • At last, click Submit.

  • After activating the device, add the favorite channels from the Roku channel store.

Setup - Roku- One Simple Process coming up next!

The below steps lets the users install the Roku device:

  • At first, plug one end of the HDMI cable to Roku Player's box and the other end into your TV's HDMI port.

  • Make sure to note the HDMI port's number.

  • Next, connect one end of the power cord to the player box and the other end into the power source.

  • Switch to the Roku's input by turning on the TV.

  • Hold the Input key on the remote and choose the HDMI slot of the Roku device.

  • Choose the language and press OK on the remote.

  • Secondly, link the device to the network.

  • Further, Scan for networks by choosing Scan again to view all networks and holding OK.

  • Swipe through the accessible Wi-Fi networks until you get yours.

  • Similarly, choose the network by highlighting it and holding OK.

  • Key in the password for the network and press OK.

  • On the other hand, the users can use an Ethernet cable to the player instead of using Wi-Fi.

  • Enable the Roku to update as needed. And ensure to confirm the display settings.

  • Finally, the activation code will appear.

  • Once the five-character activation code appears on-screen, start with activating Roku via

Possible to Create a Roku Account using Paypal!

Make use of the below instructions to build the account using the PayPal method:

  • After installing the device, it prompts you to visit to link it.

  • Now, click My Account, then Create Account.

  • Provide the name and email ID and choose a password.

  • Confirm human, then navigate to the next page.

  • Offer and verify a PIN for the account.

  • Further, make sure to click need a PIN for all transactions for safety.

  • The go to the next screen where it asks for the billing info.

  • Choose PayPal from the options and key in the PayPal email.

  • Or make one up by entering an address and phone, etc., then click submit.

  • At this point, Roku directs to the PayPal homepage to sign in and confirm linking Roku to PayPal.

  • After the PayPal page loads, CLOSE the page.

  • Make sure not to sign in to PayPal, never confirm anything, just close it.

  • On the other hand, access a new browser window and visit back to

  • In there, tap on My Account again.

  • A notification comes up under the Payment Method comment stating, “Add a payment method to make purchases.”

  • Scroll down and choose “Link a Device.”

  • Finally, visit and then start with the activation process.

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