IP Camera Viewer

for Roku

IP Camera Viewer allows you to view live video from most IP cameras on your TV. Use IP Camera Viewer to keep an eye on your home, office, parking area or anywhere you need security.

For RTSP to HLS using Raspberry Pi please go to: github.com/e1ioan/rokuphp

IP Camera Viewer for Roku Features

Adding a New Camera

To add a camera go to the main menu of the application, select the "Add New Camera..." option. Next, name your camera (required), for example "Entrance" or "Driveway", then fill in all the information for your IP camera. If your camera doesn't require a login and password to view, leave those fields blank.

  • In the "MJPEG Link" field enter the link specific for your camera for streaming MJPEG (Motion-JPEG). If your camera doesn't support MJPEG streaming, you can erase the value in this field and leave it blank.

Example, if your link for accessing the MJPEG stream is:

enter in this field just what's after the IP and Port:


including the "/" at the beginning and "?" at the end.

  • In the "JPEG Link" field enter the link specific for your camera for retrieving one picture (snapshot) from your camera. If your camera doesn't support MJPEG, this link will be used.

Example, if your link for accessing the MJPEG stream is:

enter in this field just what's after the IP and Port:


including the "/" at the beginning and "?" at the end.

  • Some cameras require the login and password to be in the GET command, if this is the case for yours, put {0} for login and {1} for password. The applications will replace those tags with the values from the Login and Password fields.

For example, if your MJPEG link looks something like:

Enter in the following link:


  • PTZ Link is only supported for a few major brand cameras - ie. Axis and Panasonic - but support for other cameras will be added in the future. If you have an unsupported PTZ camera, and you need help, contact support@rokucam.com
  • Finish adding the camera by pressing the "Save Camera" button.
  • The new added camera is now available for viewing.
  • Select the camera in the main menu and pressing OK on your remote.

Edit, Copy, Delete Cameras

While in the main menu, press * (star/options) on your remote to get the option to Edit, Copy or Delete a camera. "Copy" will create a new camera identical with the one copied, with a "1" at the end of the camera name. "Delete" option will require a 1234 pin before deleting, to avoid mistakes.


The IP Camera Viewer Configuration page allows you to configure how streamed images will be shown on the screen, how many cameras you want to see at the same time on the screen (split screen) and what cameras to be shown in split screen. Up/Down arrows on the remote will circle the options in one category and Left/Right will circle between categories.

Full Screen Mode

"Original Image Received", if checked, displays the camera stream in the native resolution received.

"Fill & Preserve Aspect Ratio", the application will stretch the images received, but the new dimensions will be proportional to the original resolution.

"Fill Screen", will stretch the images to fill the screen

Split Screen View

Select how many cameras you want to see on the screen at the same time, when you select the "Split Screen View" menu option. The options are 2, 3 and 4 cameras.

Select Split Screen Camera

Check 2, 3 or 4 cameras that you want to be shown in Split Screen mode.

After selecting the cameras select and press the button "Save Checked"

Screen Saver (Available only in Pro version)

The IP Camera Viewer Pro provides a screen saver that will display the stream from your favorite cameras in a rectangle that moves around on your TV screen on a black background. To configure the screen saver, go to Screensaver settings in Roku main menu. Enable IP Camera View Pro as your screensaver, then go to the screensaver's custom settings to select which camera to display.

IMPORTANT: If your IP Camera is not on your local network, it will use your internet data allowance while the screen saver is on (even if the TV is off). Only use this option only with cameras on your local network or if you have unlimited data plan.

Split Screen View

Easy Add

Easy Add feature allows you to add IP Cameras using your computer browser

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