My Roku device!

Roku shall provide you the easiest way to watch your entertainment on your TV using the internet. You can connect it to your TV and get free TV, live news, sports and 500, 000+ films and TV episodes across 1000s of free and subscription channels. To receive all these offers, you must set up the Roku device and activate roku using the link code via the Roku com link. And finally, sign up with the Roku account using the account credentials.

How can I sign up with my Roku account?

Following instructions can help you to sign up with a Roku account:

  1. At first, you must create the Roku account by launching a web browser on a computer or mobile device. You have to check whether the computer or mobile device has been linked with the same network as the Roku device.

  2. Secondly, you have to go to the Roku sign up site. On the other hand, click the Create Account option to start with the procedure.

  3. Thirdly, offer all the data that is requested in the form and fill in info like the First name, Last name, Email address, Password Besides, provide an email ID to get data about the Roku device and its special offers.

  1. Utilize this mail ID and password as your account credentials during activate Roku. Then, accept the terms and conditions and confirm human to carry on with the next

  2. Further, you can generate a unique PIN number for account security. The PIN number must be in 4 digit and choose the Update PIN option.

  3. Most importantly, now you have to pick the method of creating account. Choose either a credit card or PayPal method to offer the billing data.

  4. Once after completing the above steps, the Roku account will be all yours! And then, you must link the Roku device and the Roku account via Roku com/link using the activation code. And this shall complete the activation process of the Roku streaming device and the Roku account.

How to install and activate the Roku device with the Roku account?

Proceed with the guidelines below to set up and activate the Roku device with your Roku account:

  • Unpack the Roku package and check for the essential contents like the device, HDMI cable, power cable, remote, etc. After that, you have to fix one end of the HDMI cable to the Roku device and to the TV’s port.

  • Next, attach one end of the power cable to the Roku and the other end to the electrical. Now, you have to power on the TV using the remote. And then opt for the right HDMI port of the Roku device to which it is connected. Insert the batteries into the remote by opening its back cover and pair it by proceeding the prompts on the screen.

  • Secondly, move on with the onscreen for opting for your language, setting the display, and theme. Your Roku device will scan for the networks that are available around you. This will bring up a list of the wireless network for you.

  • You must look for yours and select it from them. Didn’t get your network in the list?, then choose the Scan again option. Besides, choose your network and input the right network password.

  • The Roku device will get access from your home network and update it to its newer version.

  • On the other hand, you will receive the Roku activation code on the TV screen.

  • Ensure to make the right note of the link code and access a web browser on your computer device.

  • Further, you have to input roku com link into the address field and click Go.

  • Moreover, in there, you have to type the Roku link code into the text box. At last, to activate Roku, you have to sign in with the Roku account using the account credentials.

  • If you don’t have a Roku account? You must go to the Roku sign up site and build your account. And then, hit the Activate button and initiate the process to activate Roku and link it with your Roku