Activate your Roku

Create my account to setup device by entering the Roku Activation Code at url to access to anhe amazing selection of movies, TV shows, music and more from the Roku Channel Store.

Steps to create a roku account at

  • Open web browser ,go to the url

  • Choose options like create an account or sign up

  • Fill in all the details like name. Email id and password.

  • Wait for the account creation process to complete

  • Generate a Roku code link to purchase your selected channels.

  • Finally, your Roku streaming device is activated.

Why need a roku account?

Roku account is needed to have full control on your streaming device. A Roku account gives you access to a stunning selection of movies, T.V. shows, music and more Roku channel store. Roku devices give you access to 4,000+ free and paid channels, so you can stream almost anything.

How to Setup and Activate a roku device at

Setup Roku device with the help of HDMI Cable or wireless connection, visit all the given instructions mentioned below:

  • Firstly, use an HDMI cable to connect the streaming player.

  • Now connect the streaming player to the adapter.

  • Now your Roku streaming player is required power on.

  • All cable connections are completed

  • Now you have to perform on-screen setup,

  • First of all, include power batteries into your Roku remote.

  • Further, you have to choose a language from the list.

  • After that, choose the provided network.

  • If using Wi-Fi, the device will search all available networks.

  • Then, choose yours and enter your Wi-Fi password.

  • Now go to url

  • Connect the roku device to your TV and then turn on the power.

  • Now, Roku activation code will appear on the TV screen.

  • Enter the Roku activation code and click submit button.

  • After it, your Roku device will be linked to your TV automatically and you should be able to add and watch channels on Roku.

Some common roku problems

  • Unable to setup roku device

  • Unable to activate account

  • Can’t connect the device to internet

  • Can’t connect the remote with the device

  • Can’t update and reset the device

  • HBO is now working on

  • Unable to setup roku streaming stick