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Roku enables you to stream free and subscribed content on your TV using a network. You can watch TV and film streaming services like Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, YouTube, etc. Moreover, you can install the Roku device and set it up to start with the activating process via by entering the Roku activation code.

It connects to your TV using a cable to stream all your entertainment from the network via numerous content providers.

It offers the most comfortable way to watch all your favorite shows on HD TV’s, and it includes live news, sports, and 500,000+ films and TV shows across free and paid channels.

What are the Roku Models available?

  • Roku Ultra

  • Roku Premiere, Premiere +

  • Roku Express, Express +

  • Roku streaming stick, stick +

  • Roku TV

What’s a Roku Account?

You will require the Roku account to activate your Roku device and get all your lovable shows across 1000s of streaming channels. And there is no requirement for any subscription or rentals with Roku. Moreover, choosing a payment method allows you to quickly rent or buy films on-demand or subscribe to famous services like Netflix.

Similarly, you must set up the Roku device, get the activation code, and perform the Roku account login. To do this, you must have your Roku account and get it by paying your bucks.

Get more details about the Roku devices, its activation, and link to the Roku account using Roku account login credentials. Talk with our professional support squad who are happy to help you.

What are the Benefits of using a Roku Account?

  • At first, the Roku account will guide you to manage the TCL Roku TV and the other Roku players.

  • Secondly, you can link the TCL Roku TV or devices to the Roku channels store.

  • Moreover, handling the channel selection, addition, and account preferences via

  • Similarly, it can send software updates to your TV.

  • Get your account by paying you bucks using any of the transaction methods and get certain activities of Roku on finger tips.

Why is there a Need for a Roku Account Login?

  • Yes! You must perform a Roku account login at the end of the Roku activation process.

  • Moreover, once after getting the Roku link code, you must access the Roku/link activation site.

  • Similarly, you have to provide the code into the text box and sign in with the my Roku account.

  • If you don’t have a Roku account, make sure to create one by accessing the Roku sign up site.

  • Finally, after the Roku account login, the Roku activation process will be complete.

How to Perform a Roku Account Login?

Following guidelines can help you to login with the roku account:

  • Roku account login can be done using the account credentials.

  • Moreover, you will give a valid email address that you are using.

  • Next, creating a secure password will be one step while building the my Roku account.

  • Similarly, you will perform these steps to use this as the credentials.

  • Finally, when once prompted to sign in with the Roku account, you can input the above.

  • And that’s how you will perform a Roku account login.

How do I create my Roku Account and Activate it via Roku/link?

Perform the instructions below to create your roku account and activate it via

  • At first, you have to check whether the computer device and Roku get access from the same network.

  • Next, launch a new web browser on your computer and type my roku com and click Go.

  • Secondly, once the sign up page open, choose Roku to sign in.

  • After that. Click the Create Account option.

  • You will then input your first name in the first text box and enter the last name in the second text box.

  • Similarly, provide a valid email ID that you are using, and you will be using this to access the Roku account.

  • Create a secure password for your Roku account using all the special characters.

  • And you will be using these as the my Roku account

  • Further, tick the checkbox that says you are 18 years of age.

  • Click the Submit button at the end of the screen.

  • Thirdly, you will lead to a new page, where you will pay your bucks.

  • Moreover, choose your mode of the transaction as it can be either the Credit card or the Paypal method.

  • Most importantly, provide your billing information to transact your bucks.

  • Now, during the activation process, you will connect the account via

  • Finally, the Roku account will be all yours, and then you can add channels on your Roku device.

How to Start Linking my Roku Account via

The instructions below can help you to link the roku account:

  • At first, to link your Roku account, you must create one using the guidelines mentioned above.

  • After that, get the Roku activation code by setting up your Roku device.

  • Once after connecting the Roku device to the network, it will update to its newest version.

  • Secondly, this will bring up the code on your TV screen.

  • Similarly, noting this link code, you will navigate the activation site.

  • Moreover, you must key in the code into the text box.

  • At last, you must perform the Roku account login using the credentials.

  • And then, click the Activate option and thus will complete linking your Roku account to the device.

What are the Steps to Retrieve my Roku Link Code?

Guidelines to retrieve my Roku link code:

  • First of all, you must sign in to your Roku account.

  • After that, move to the Players section to get the Roku activation code.

  • Or else regenerate the link code by pressing the Star button on the Roku remote.

  • And this is how you can retrieve your Roku activation code.

What’s inside the Roku Package?

  • Roku streaming player

  • AAA Batteries

  • Roku remote

  • HDMI cable

  • Power adapter

How to set up my Roku Streaming Device and Link it with my Roku Account?

Following instructions can guide you through setting up the Roku device and connect it with your Roku account:

  • Firstly, open the Roku package and check for the essential contents.

  • Next, link one end of the HDMI cable to the Roku device and other end to the TV’s HDMI port.

  • After that, connect the power adapter to the Roku device and then to the power supply.

  • Secondly, turn on the TV and select the right Roku HDMI input.

  • Now, load the batteries into the remote by sliding its back cover.

  • Pair the remote with the Roku device using the on screen guidelines.

  • Similarly, select the display settings, theme, and language as per your wish.

  • Further, connect the Roku device to the network available.

  • The Roku device will search for the networks around and presents you with a list.

  • If you cannot find yours, then select Scan again.

  • Moreover, choose your network and input the network key to connect it.

  • Once after the internet connection, the Roku device will update to its newest version.

  • Most importantly, you can see the Roku link code on the TV screen.

  • And here, starts the process of activation and link your Roku account via Roku/link.

Activation Guidelines:

  • Once after getting the Roku activation code, you must now input the code without any mistakes.

  • After that, navigate to the Roku activation site, which is to key in this code.

  • Next, enter the correct code in to the text box and start with the activation process.

  • And you should perform the Roku account login using the Roku account

  • Finally, click the Activate button to begin the Roku activation process.

  • This is how you can set up my Roku streaming device and link it with the Roku account.

Troubleshooting Issues on Roku Account

How to Cancel my Roku Account?

  • At first, to cancel the Roku account, you must visit my roku com link on a computer.

  • Next, proceed with the Roku account login using the credentials.

  • Secondly, you must get the section named My Linked devices.

  • Click Unlink if the devices are still in connection and carry on with the factory reset process.

  • Moreover, choose the section, Manage your subscriptions, make sure to cancel them.

  • Finally, locate the option named as Deactivate account and click it.

  • Now, you must assure that you authenticate the deactivation.

Why am I not able to log in to the Roku Account?

  • At times, you will not be able to perform the Roku account login because of some network error or incorrectly entering the credentials.

  • For that, you must check with the network settings on your Roku device.

  • And make sure to update the connection.

  • Secondly, you must correct input the Roku account

  • And then check whether the issue persists.

How to Remove the Roku Account from the Roku Device?

  • First of all, reach the Roku sign up site using a web browser.

  • Next, click Sign in and enter the Roku account login

  • After that, move down to the end of the page and choose the device under My Linked devices section.

  • Lastly, click the Unlink or Remove option and confirm your action.

How do I close my Roku Account?

  • Firstly, navigate to the from a computer.

  • Next, sign in with your my Roku account using the Roku account login

  • After that, scroll down the options and check for devices present under My Linked devices.

  • Besides, do the factory reset of the Roku devices that are joined with the Roku account.

  • Secondly, cancel the Roku subscriptions by choosing, Manage your subscriptions and cancel the active plans to close the account.

  • Similarly, tap Continue to complete the unsubscribing process.

  • Finally, choose the Deactivate account option and select Confirm to close your Roku account

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