How to Create a Roku Account

Creating a New Roku Account using the Roku Portal or via the Roku Mobile App

Roku, an incredible and innovative piece of TV technology, which has revolutionized the way we perceive TV entertainment. Gone are the days of antennae streaming. Now, all TV streaming has become digitalized via internet TV. From ABC to Nickelodeon, any user can stream any available TV channel on their TVs, anywhere, anytime, via Roku streaming devices.

This fine piece of invention is available to use and compatible with all modern TVs. Users can begin enjoying all their favorite rom-com, Drama, live TV, and a vast library of timeless classic movies via their big screens from the convenience of their homes.

However, to enjoy the Roku device, you first need to activate your brand new Roku device. Also, to activate your brand new Roku device, you first need to create a new Roku account, where you can not only activate but manage all your Roku devices. Don't worry. It's totally free to create a new Roku account.

Read further below to comprehend the steps on how to create a new Roku account via to Create Account portal. Create Account

Instructions to create and activate a new Roku account

It is extremely easy to activate a new Roku account. You can visit create account to create a new Roku Account. Alternatively, you can create a Roku account at your mobile devices' convenience by downloading the Roku app.

Creating a new Roku account can provide you with tons of additional benefits in accessing your Roku. You can seamlessly connect multiple Roku devices to your Roku account and manage all devices under one account. You can set Roku parental controls to restrict your purchases and channel access. You can also enjoy the richness of accessibility on the Roku devices by creating a new Roku account. Without further ado, let's dive right into the Roku account creation process via create account.

First up, follow the below steps to activate your Roku account via create account portal on your PC browser.

  • For starters, configure your brand new Roku device and choose all preferences accordingly to your own taste. From Video to Audio, you can adjust all Roku settings manually at the initial setup.

  • Now, at the end of the Roku activation process, you'll be provided a unique Roku activation code, which is required for Roku device activation.

  • You can also create a new Roku account without requiring a code, but, for added handiness, we've included the step.

  • Visit create account from your browser, and click on the Sign In option.

  • Now, tap directly on the "Create Roku Account" option.

  • Enter all the prompted details such as your name, number, email, and other credentials for the activation of your Roku account.

  • Upon entering all personal credentials into the create account portal, enter a strong password, and hit OK to conclude the Roku account creation process.

  • Now, you can use this Roku account for Roku sign-in by entering the Roku activation code.

Roku Activation Code

If you require any help and support to create a Roku account, learn create account creation steps, do contact our team of customer support +1-888-732-3570.

You can wait after dialing the support number provided on our portal.

Follow the subsequent activation steps to create a new Roku account via the Roku mobile app.

· The Roku mobile app is available to download on both the iOS and Android platforms.

· Via Roku mobile app, users can enjoy the complete channel guide on Roku, cast content on Roku, play, and pause and use your mobile as Roku Remote.

· Now, from their respective App Stores, download the Roku mobile app. Utilize the search bar for instant navigation to the Roku app.

· Once installed, launch the Roku app and click on the "More" button at the bottom of the Roku home screen.

· Tap on the Roku sign-in option and choose the "Create a Free Roku Account" option.

· Enter all the required information on the Roku account creation and hit OK.

· It would be best for you if you choose a strong password for your Roku account to avoid any potential loss.

In case of any unknown issues associated with Roku account creation via create account, please contact us.