Rogue 2023 Performer Lottery Results

Rogue Festival 2023 Performer Lottery Results.

Lottery selectees will be contacted this week (10/21/22) with next steps on continuing with the festival. Waitlisters will be contacted with information on potential off-Rogue and Artist Underground opportunities. Please take a look at the Apps Info and Venue Pages to review timelines and options.

Rogue Festival runs March 3-11, 2023 in Fresno's Tower District. Thank you!!


Janice Noga

Christopher Alocern

The Fools Collaborative

M the Myth

HeyDay Production

Snake & Rod Theatre

Amica Hunter

Genie Cartier

David Kleinberg

Paper Soul


Elizabeth Du Val

Bennet Caffee

Victoria Montalbano

Ingrid Garner

Aleño Dance Project

Love Always Wins

Magic of Elder

Chris Hathaway

Martin Dockery

Jim Loucks

Steve Budd

Ben Miller

Chloe Radcliffe

Plonk & Stump

Amy Bouchard

Sedan Delivery

Drive On Productions

Kurkendaal-Barrett Presentations

Smiley Frown Ent.

The Excursions

Codebreaking Mythology Mystery

Andrea Mock


Theatre Infinite

Jon Bennett Comedy

Tony Imperatrice

Working Title

Thorn Productions

Dorian Follansbee


Kurt Fitzpatrick

Joey Rinaldi Comedy

Donna Kay Yarborough

Ahh Yeah ReMix

Megan Gott

Paul Sussman



Jaguar Bennett

The Murray Girls

Michael Alexander

Andrea Phillips


Jeffrey Bowman

Hope Lafferty

Noam Osband

Katherine Glover

Joe Medina performing as MERCH


Fresno State Creative Writing

Kate McKnight