phasmid activities

This site focuses on the work I am developing while in my residency at Phasmid, Berlin. There are two projects, the Acoustic AV Laptop, and Sounding Finnegans Wake. In my creative work I explore the relationships between space, intention, and technology, and the intersections between creator, performer/presenter/presentation, and audience.

The links here show the development of both works in a 'sort of' chronological order. As I perform/present the works in various locations and to differing audiences I am developing new understanding of how they are perceived and interacted with. It is important to note here that I see the creation of any artwork as a mutual and mutating process that is equally dependent on its origin, materiality, and the perceiver in its creation. These works were created prior to moving in to Phasmid.

This is an intro to the acoustic laptop orchestra performance. it is from before Joe started filming, and I discuss the ideas. Nela Brown and Robin Whittaker add the vital bits of information I omitted. It was presented at the World Stage Design symposium Taipei.

The comment regarding John Glenn refers to a fantastic performance by Erik Lawson and Joe Pino developed from recently released NASA recordings of John Glenn's historic flight.

This was filmed and recorded by Joe Pino using his binaural mic & phone. THANKS JOE!!! The initial performers were, Nela Brown, Robin Whittaker (who spatialized the sound), Brad Ward, Bassam Yaqout, Roger Alsop. After a brief performance the audience was invited to join in, and lots of fun happened.

This is a version of the Acoustic AV laptop performed at SeenSound in Melbourne. The vision and audio are created in performance by me.

This is a video of me conducting the first performance of the Acoustic Laptop Orchestra with students from the Conservatory "Nicola Sala" in Benevento, Italy. The performers had one day rehearsal with completely new instruments - their acoustic laptops

It was to school kids, uni students at Benevento, and staff. Lots of Fun.

This is a video of the performance of Hush! Caution! Echoland! by Brigid Burke and me at the Elder Hall in Adelaide. A binaural recording of the performance is to the left.

This is a rendition of a version developed for 4 separate speakers. it is best to listen in headphones to get something like a sense of how it might work in a real environment. It was presented at the World Stage Design symposium Taipei.

Depending on the country you are in copyright may be an issue. Please check.

This music wascreated from a reading a small section of Finnegans Wake. The reading was also used for an installation at the Recorreguts Sonors: Acciones y Mutaciones Sonoras, Barcelona.

These pieces were created from readings by students at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. They reflect the intonations of the the students readings, both in English and then as they translated the same text into Serbian.

As these works develop during my stay at Phasmid I will put them on this site. I am particularly interested in how the special acoustics of this environment will influence the creation of new works.