Roehampton Playing Fields

Community Trust

Trust support

Key to the success of the Trust, is to involve all stakeholders and local residents in the management and improvement plans for the playing fields.


The specific objectives of the project are to:

  • Create an inclusive community sports field serving local clubs, schools and people living in the area including disadvantaged groups and other special needs groups;
  • Provide more opportunities for both children and adults to participate in football, cricket and other sports.
  • Increase participation in sport among ethnic minority groups, women and girls and young people, and those with a disability;
  • Provide a range of quality grass pitches and other sporting facilities for local clubs, schools and the wider community;
  • Obtain significant capital resources for the provision of a new or refurbished pavilion and the improvement of other facilities on the site;
  • Provide a home ground with long-term security of tenure for long-term users of the site such as Dover House Lions Youth and Disability FC;
  • Maximise the use of the pitches during the week, school holidays and at weekends;
  • Foster strong relationships with the London Borough of Wandsworth and other key stakeholders.

Success factors

  • Sustainable: over time to become financially sustainable;
  • Meet current and future community sporting and recreational needs;
  • Governance to be inclusive and effective and accountable;
  • Achieve compliance with all relevant legal and other requirements;
  • Engage effectively with the wider community and all key stakeholders.

Achievements so far

Since its formation the Trust has:

  • Set up a website and a presence on social media to enable the wider community to keep track of progress and feed in their views;
  • Registered the Trust as a company with the intention of applying for charitable status if its bid to take over the running of the site succeeds;
  • Made rapid progress in producing a comprehensive business plan for managing and improving the site
  • Launched a fundraising campaign to raise the considerable funds needed to transform the run-down facilities on the site;
  • Applied for funding from the Wandsworth Local Fund to carry out a set of appraisals on the site
  • Launched a survey of playing fields users to gauge their experience of using the playing fields and how they would like to see it improved;
  • Contacted potential users of the site and formed a Stakeholder's board, chaired by Justine Greening, MP for Putney;
  • Sought advice from other successfully run sports trusts in South West London which provide inspirational models for the kind of community-led facility that the trust would like to create.
  • Persusaded Wandsworth Borough Council to reconsider the current procurement process they have instigated to pass a 30 year lease for the playing fields over to a private commercial facilities management company.