Our Mission

Julie's Funds for Kids

Julie's Funds for Kids was created in 2012 in the Loving Memory of Julie Carlson to continue her passion for youth athletics and ensuring that all children of Highlands County have a safe, nurturing environment to grow physically, intellectually but most-importantly, spiritually. Not a day goes by that that we're not thinking about you Julie, and all of the good you were doing for your family and community.

Julie's Funds for Kids is a non-profit 501c3 that reinvests into the multi-sport community of Highlands County, encompassing Avon Park, Lake Placid & Sebring.

Our Rock'n Heartland Youth Triathlon benefit Julie's Funds, which in turn has been a major sponsor of Highlands County's youth triathlon team TriPOWER. Highlands Pedalers also contributes to TriPOWER.